Wadada, Progress, Hokumfactory, Vintage Language Trio, Ayal Tsubery


King Negus has taken the ever-evolving sound of InI MLD to another level with the Wadada Movement: a sonic 6 piece unit consisting of Jah Wza on guitar & vocals, Andrew LoveGun Thompson on bass, William Haggerty on drums, M.J. Albin on percussion & Ryan Baker on rhythm guitar. The band has truly elevated the live show into a non-stop fusion of energy and genre smashing music. Wadada.


Progress is a collective of musicians who believe in capturing the essence of music. They're an Afro Latin, Funk Jam band that also draws on influences from rock, soul, RnB, and hip-hop.


Hokumfactory is a funk band from Brooklyn. They've come together from various musical backgrounds and experiences to make original, catchy, and dance-able music.

Vintage Language Trio

Vintage Language Trio (VL3) played their first gig before they had their first rehearsal. And why not? It was an opportunity to find their sound in the moment. And a brutally honest way to learn about one another. Their performances are raw, heavily improvised musical conversations, which creates a different experience for listeners each night.

Ayal Tsubery

Ayal Tsubery leads his group through calm passages, moments of excitement and sudden changes, created by simple beautiful melodies on top of hard grooving, sophisticated rhythms that make plenty of room for improvisation.

The compositions involve Israeli, middle-eastern elements as well as jazz, Rn'B and Rock, but most importantly, Ayal's music is the kind of music that tells a story. All that being laid out over Tsubery's excellent and unique bass playing that makes it different and personal.


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