Tommy Tiernan

Tommy Tiernan

Just For Laughs is thrilled to announce the return of the hilarious Irish-born comic Tommy Tiernan! Don’t miss Tommy as he heads out to a city near you with his solo show, Stray Sod.

In Celtic mythology, a 'Stray Sod' was an enchanted piece of grass that, if stepped on, would leave a person feeling disorientated and lost, even in familiar surroundings. It's also said that wearing an item of clothing inside out would break the spell and allow the person to find their way again.

'Stray Sod' also happens to be the title of Tommy 's latest show; a metaphor for how we as humans have somehow lost our spirits, identity and 'inner lunatic' in these broke and crazy times we currently find ourselves living in.

But don't worry, because Tommy's here with a vision for getting us back on track. Joyful, uplifting, and inspirational, Tommy’s latest show doesn’t have all the answers, but one thing's for sure: no one will have to leave the show with their clothes on inside out!

Tommy’s mastery of stand-up allows him to take risks other comedians dare not. Through hilarious storytelling and a high energy, non- apologetic delivery he continually challenges his audience who can be confident they are in safe hands. To see Tommy live is a rare treat, as his stories unfold and themes are elaborated his performance mesmerises as his lyrical way with words makes you laugh harder than you’d ever believe possible.



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