The girls of Spinn have always been firm believers that there’s not much in life that can’t be fixed with great music, good friends, and a few shots of tequila. And whether it’s their beautiful blend of three part harmonies, vibrant stage presence, or infectious personalities, it’s no wonder their attitude helped them receive notoriety around the Jersey music scene and beyond.

Forming in 2006, they began playing shows at legendary Asbury Park venues such as The Saint and Fastlane, and soon spread their music across the Hudson River in NYC with a wave of performances at Kenny’s Castaway’s, The Delancy, Ella Lounge, Tammany Hall, and the National Underground. After gaining monentum over the next several years, Spinn went on to record their debut album “She Was Heartache” in 2009 with a rhythm section that included guitarist Steve DeSteno and drummer Dominick Velardo. This lead to a successful college radio promotion campaign and even a feature on NJ Radio station’s WDHA 105.5 FM on Lindsay Klein’s Homegrown Spotlight.

Their release of the 2009 EP “She was Heartache” brought the band to new heights around the US, eventually landing then in Hartford, CT at the Webster and a slot at Peabody’s Inn for the Cleveland Music Festival. Spinn went on to release their most recent album “A Little Crazy” in July 2012 and have moved from playing smaller clubs to bigger venues such as Rockwood Music Hall, Arlene’s Grocery, and the Bitter End.

Reminiscent of the Dixie chicks, the Gin Blossoms and the acoustic-laden styling of Ray Lamontagne, their unique melody lines grab audiences’ attention immediately and their ability to blend different genres always proves to entertain and inspire. Spinn considers their friends and fans a part of an extended family and wishes to share their feel-good atmosphere with honest lyrics and a style of songwriting that is sure to pull you in from the moment the music starts.

Growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska, Brandon Langer knew he wanted to pursue a career in music. After graduating from high school, his instrumental talents and vocal abilities earned him a scholarship to attend the University of Delaware and study music. Two short years later, he was the frontman for one of the nation's top unsigned bands, Stealing December, and was touring the country after winning the 2006 Zippo Hot Tour Contest and playing with bands like Paramore, Papa Roach, and Boys Like Girls.

3 years later, Brandon moved on pursue his own musical endeavors. His musical style blends the intensity of today's best pop rock artists with the emotional character of bands like The Goo Goo Dolls and Jimmy Eat World. His debut album The Pilot Episode was released on March 23rd, 2010 and displayed an impressive amount of musicality and passion; as he plays every instrument and wrote every lyric for the release.

"I believe music tells the stories of our lives and it is my pleasure to share my stories with the world," Langer says of his work. A strong statement considering everywhere this young musician has been over the past 6 years. National tours, showcases, and publications headline his resume.

This fall, Brandon will release his second full length album, The Morning After. He has once again entered the studio to track every instrument and write every lyric for what will be his longest album to date. “This new record feels different to me, it is longer and much more personal. I think The Pilot Episode was me proving I could accomplish a successful record by myself, but The Morning After represents so much more of my musical influences and a wide variety of song styles.”

Brandon can’t wait to share his newest release with the world this fall and looks forward to getting out and playing his music in the coming months.

Standing in front of a choir consisting of 70 third graders, an eight-year-old Joe Miller, knew that he wanted to perform for the rest of his life when he was chosen as the guest student conductor for Cohen Elementary choir performance of “Hakuna Matata”.

Miller started singing at a very young age, imitating some of his favorite artists at the time such as Garth Brooks, Lauryn Hill, Tupac Shakur, and Billy Joel. He learned how to read and write music starting in fifth grade when he picked up the saxophone as his first instrument. Over the next few years, he battled his vocals with his sax learning, trying to figure out what he wanted to do with music in his life. It wasn’t until Joe was fifteen years old when he figured that he would do both. He had picked up his friends electric guitar for the first time and became hooked.

Years later, Joe had started to play coffeehouses around Upstate New York with his new acoustic guitar in hand, writing songs about people, love, and life lessons. His brother, Ryan, invited Joe to record a live album at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where he was currently enrolled and practicing recording arts. After the album’s release, Joe took it on the road around New York State and Pennsylvania, playing legendary clubs like Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY, and The Lion’s Den in Manhattan.

After high school, Joe enrolled as a music major at the Butler School of Music at Mansfield University in the Endless Mountain region of Northern Pennsylvania. It was here that Joe studied American folk music under Dr. Douglas Crowder, learning the ways of musicians such as Doc Watson, Bob Dylan, The Carter Family, and Tony Rice. It was during this time that Joe started recording his first full band studio album with Foxtrot Mango Records in Montreal, QC. He titled the album “Worn Out Joke” and released it in the summer of 2007. After the album’s release, Joe went on the road again to help promote his new work. He was named Pennsylvania’s finalist for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for his song entitled “The Troubadour”, and started gaining attention from many college radio stations around the Northeast.

With his college years behind him, Joe decided that it was best for him to move somewhere where his music would be better recognized. In April of 2009, Joe quickly relocated to Asbury Park, NJ, busking on the boardwalks of the Jersey shore to help him afford to live in such an expensive state. Shortly after his move, Joe was nominated for his first Asbury Music Award, and quickly started gaining praise from the New Jersey music community, packing clubs in both New Jersey and NYC.

After 5 years of writing, recording, producing, and mastering his own work, Joe released his extremely intimate and long awaited album, “Wooden Nickels - The Organic Sessions”. The album consisted of both folk-rock and hip-hop music featuring independent artists from all over the country. The record release took place in front of a sold out crowd at his favorite venue, The Saint right in Asbury Park. Again, Joe was nominated for more Asbury Music Awards including Record of the Year for his song “Wooden Nickels”. The director of the awards ceremony had even asked Joe to perform the song during the show.

In 2012, Joe was named New Jersey's top male vocalist in the 3rd Annual Jersey Acoustic Music Awards.

Currently, Joe is working with his new band, Coming After Francis, in the studio. He continues to write and perform as a solo acoustic musician as well. He is currently working on a new EP called “The Back of My Hand”, due for release sometime in 2013.

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