The Wombats

The Wombats

It wasn't too long before Liverpool had to start taking The Wombats very seriously indeed. Ditching the sanatorium moods and comedy outfits (although they went through a "stripe period" before settling on their trademark primary colour t-shirt look) they set about playing their infectious punka pop deviance around Liverpool and beyond. Their gigs were laced with a cappella intros, between-song stand-up and Facts Of The Day (did you know that rabbits aren't nocturnal, they're crepuscular? Not until you went to a Wombats gig you didn't). They took every gig they were offered, whichever corner of the country it was in (using Dan's granny's Postman Pat van to get there); if plotted on a map, their travels would look like the crazed scrawlings of a madman.

Next stop for these wild, wibbly Wombat boys is a rampage around a recording studio to record an album Murph hopes will bring them "world domination", and promises will be "fun, with dark undertones thrown in there. There's a few dark undertones in the lyrics, especially the new songs, a bit of self-deprecation going on, it kinda feels dark to me."

The Colourist

he Colourist - A biography

The Colourist first stumbled upon one another in an underused warehouse in Orange County, CA, where Adam and Maya discovered the harmonic chemistry that has come to define the band's bright and anthemic signature sound.

Having spent much of 2012 honing their live show with the likes of Grouplove, Electric Guest and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., The Colourist begin 2013 holed up in a small studio in Southern California. It's there that Adam Castilla (vocals, guitar), Maya Tuttle (drums, vocals), Kollin Johannsen (guitar, bass), and Justin Wagner (bass, keys) will commit their pop-fueled, indie-bred rock to tape before embarking on their first national tour.

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