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Black Prairie

Despite their individual musical pedigrees, the seasoned musicians that make up progressive string band Black Prairie aren't moonlighting. The ensemble is pulled together from different corners of Portland, Oregon's remarkably rich music scene, and while the high profile of each musician in the band—which includes three-fifths of the Decemberists—ensures a certain amount of attention, it's clear that Black Prairie are in it for purely musical reasons. They're playing a brand of Americana that defies easy categorization, cross-pollinating a number of different styles while exposing the venerable, forgotten roots of folk and bluegrass.

Colin Meloy

Casey Neil

CASEY NEILL's career has always walked the line between lyrical song craft and ferocious electric live shows. He is a songwriter and bandleader from Portland, Oregon with a sound that explores haunting Americana, high octane folk punk, and Scots/Irish melody. Neill's latest record, 'Goodbye to the Rank and File' , has garnered rave reviews from radio, online blogs, and press. It is the first to feature his band, the Norway Rats, which includes an all star cast of Portland musicians. For over a decade he has performed throughout the US, Europe, and Japan appearing with artists as disparate as Jello Biafra, Pete Seeger, Sunny Day Real Estate, Richard Buckner, Laura Veirs, New Model Army, and many more. A new long player titled 'All You Pretty Vandals' is slated for release next year. Casey Neill is touring throughout 2012 with the Norway Rats and in solo performance.

"These are songs with stories well told. This is what it's all about" STEVE EARLE

"Casey Neill's latest record, Goodbye to the Rank and File, is just as much audio book as it is album, teeming with rich lyrics that paint the glory and gutter of a wanderer's struggle. Backed by talented Rats like Jenny Conlee (the Decemberists, Black Prairie) and Chet Lyster (Lucinda Williams Band), Neill bellows pack the punch of white-capped seas, soaking the band's big sky, prairie wind sound with a haunting graveness. It just may be Portland's strongest brand of unfettered, contemporary roots rock." - Mark Stock, WILLAMETTE WEEK

"When the day is young, everything seems possible; the next waking hours can become anything you want them to be. Casey Neill's newest album, Goodbye to the Rank and File, is very much like that thought. It's just bloody good, the storytelling, the diverse influences, the delivery, it all comes together to box your ears, but oh, you'll like the bruises. Lyrically, this is the best album I've heard in a very long time, musically it is almost as good, Casey Neill has hit a grand slam with this album." Aaron Binder, WORDBIRD

"…the Norway Rats provide a celtic country rock backing and some very fine rockabilly guitar moments to Neill's introspective, sometimes autobiographical tales of misery and redemption, cracked ceilings and brilliant mornings, despair and love, tales from the other side of the tracks given quite real depth and emotive power. We haven't all quite been there but when we do arrive at the destinations described by the twelve songs on Rank And File we'll know where we are, thanks to Neill's eye for detail combined with his unflinching humanity. If I'd wanted to hear an album that encapsulated the barroom romanticism, neon lit glamour of a downtown Saturday night anywhere, an imaginatively vivid evocation of life lived not quite on the margins but lived to the full nonetheless, an album that had the grit of the very best Alt. Country and the unsentimental eye of a social document, and that might even inspire some actual jigging in its more upbeat moments, then I couldn't have asked to hear a more completely realized work than Rank And File." - Jon Gordon, ADEQUACY.NET

The music itself is almost shockingly accomplished. Neill is a talented vocalist and his moody voice suits the feel of the songs perfectly, while the rest of the band fit together to make up the refined roots sound. In theme, this is an album that touches on love, loss, life and bitter defeat, all viewed through a distinctly Northwest American eye. The song writing belongs up with the classics of this or any genre. - Jenna Cosgrove, THE PUNK SITE

In the case of Brooklyn Bridge, specifically, Neill has managed to pour all of the aches and pains earned in a life spent, into music that matters and means something, only to pull free from the mold a damn good album made of an intriguing mixture that blends Indie-Rock, Pop, Folk, Roots-Rock, and Pogue-esque Irish melodies into spellbinding hooks, heartfelt lyrics, and stunning musicianship. - Michael Jones, BLOG CRITICS

Lewi Longmire

Lewi Longmire has built a reputation as Portland's multi-instrumentalist "go to guy." In the years since relocating to Portland from Albuquerque, New Mexico, he's been included on shows and recordings by many of the Northwest's finest bands and songwriters. He's worked with national acts Michael Hurley, Victoria Williams, Blue Giant, the Minus 5 and Tara Jane O'Neill as well as local luminaries Fernando, James Low, Pancake Breakfast, Little Sue, Casey Neill, Michael Jodell, the Freak Mountain Ramblers and The Peasants. More recently, though, Lewi has taken all the things he learned from working with these fine performers and has been spending his time leading a roots rock/americana band of his own, singing the songs he has written himself. The group owes much to the American tradition of good songs played with high energy, deep roots, and an unpretentious sense of fun. Their sound finds the connection between the basement feel of The Band, the raspy blue-eyed soul of Joe Cocker, the desert space of Giant Sand, the "without a net" deep space improvisations of the San Francisco ballrooms, the punk abandon of The Stooges and the quiet contemplation of Neil Young playing solo.




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