The Airborne Toxic Event


It's not every day a band comes to town with strong and longstanding ties to the community. TATE drummer, Daren Taylor, was born right here in Visalia. As if that wasn't cool enough, Taylor's grandparents started Taylor's Hot Dogs (located at Center and Encina in Visalia) 60 years ago. Both his father and brother own and run it now. And as if THAT wasn't cool enough, his father Jim Taylor served as Chief of Police in Kingsburg for 22 years!

We're extremely honored to be able to welcome Daren and all of TATE to Visalia for this homecoming show accompanied by ourThe group is known for its blend of rock music and orchestral arrangements, having performed frequently with the Calder Quartet, a string quartet based in Los Angeles. The group has also played concerts with the Louisville Orchestra and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

"Poetry you can dance to...nothing short of amazing." - LA TIMES

"Earnest tales of downtrodden folk, seeking contact in a disconnected age." - SPIN

"Packed with widescreen rock of very high that a tribute to the undeniable power of Mikel Jollett's songwriting.” - THE GUARDIAN

"A true poetic experience. Beautiful, painful and terrifyingly real." - SEATTLE WEEKLY

"Inebriated celebrations of love’s boundless optimism." - BLENDER

accompanied by the Tulare County Symphony

$22, $27

Sold Out

accompanied by the TULARE COUNTY SYMPHONY

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