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Iron Reagan

Meek Is Murder

"In the beginning it was one boy noise. I took the punk DIY ethic to exciting and idiotic new heights... cut out the middle men: record labels, managers, studio engineers, even band members. I didn't have any friends but I did have a microphone and entirely too much free time. I put out a record by myself and it was called "Mosquito Eater."

Well, a few years past. I made a couple friends and have a few more microphones. I have no free time anymore and we play in basements a lot.

We recorded an album like a team of actual humans. "Algorithms" was recorded by Kurt Ballou at Godcity and was released by MetalSucks digitally and Granite House on vinyl.

There was also that time we made an EP about sci-fi and called it "Into The Sun Where It Falls Off The Sky." Jesse from The #12 Looks Like You produced it with Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios. The cover has a Delorean flying over the dystopian LV-426 landscape chasing the Firefly-class ship Serenity. If you know what any of that means, you are a nerd.

We recorded a new "full-length" at Godcity called EVERYTHING IS AWESOME NOTHING MATTERS. It came out on 10/22/13 and it sounds gross.

Meek is Murder, dude." - Keller


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