Modern Primitives, Haunted Leather, Electric Citizen

Modern Primitives

Travis Phillips - Vox and Guitar, Tim Nhu - Bass, Phillip Gripper - Drums

Haunted Leather

There’s more than a hint of slow-motion mystery in the music and overall sonic path of Haunted Leather, a band of Michigan mystics deeply involved in top-level fuzz-pedal alchemy. Their latest release, “Red Road,” does little to shed much light on the root of that mystery, nor their ultimate distorted destination. Rather, it compels us toward repeated listens – and while each listen draws us closer to the source of their gritty, grey-sky grasping, each listen also ends with the realization that enlightenment, on this red road, will never be reached.

And that feeling is very, very exciting. We recommend it highly – just as we recommend listening to Haunted Leather at high volume.

$5.00 - $7.00


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