Gasmask Terror, Youth Avoiders, Stepdad SS, Speedboozer

Gasmask Terror

Gasmask Terrör is a French d-beat crust / hardcore punk band from Bordeaux, formed in late 2003.

Youth Avoiders

YOUTH AVOIDERS is probably the best new french hardcore band, they consists of 3/4 parisians and 1/4 german. They play 80’s influenced punk rock, their sound will make you think of some Canadian/Deranged stuff like Vicious Cycle as well as german punk acts such as Dean Dirg or Press Gang, this is smart catchy and very energetic garage hardcore punk. Their music is a fresh and urgent hardcore punk, with a clean and vicious guitar sound that brings the already good riffs to a even higher level.

Stepdad SS

members of No Power, Towering Pyre, The Rogue Nations


Pentatonic warfare. Raw, sloppy, primitive shit. garbage, useless crap, rubbish

$5.00 - $7.00


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