Akron/Family's blenderized fun-beams of "rock & roll" are real Daniel Boone stuff, as in exploratory by nature and full of danger. What they do is inhale all music, melt it down, regurgitate it back out into the universe in altered states, so that it kinda feels like rock. But then again, maybe it's not, and maybe it doesn't matter what you call it, because best of all, it doesn't sound like a pastiche of neat stuff they learned about on the Internet. Chaos theory figures in there somehow too, and let's go ahead and use the shopworn term "mash-up," too. The thing is, this band is going to hodgepodge free jazz improv, droning industrial noise and, arty serious-music, but it won't be straying far from sweetly melodicized "pop" all the while. Akron/Family rethink the essential implications of music itself on their new, sublimely confusing album, Sub Verses."

M. Geddes Gengras

Born'n'raised in the pocket of new england, M. Geddes Gengras made his way out to los angeles in 2005 and ever since then has steadily added projects and releases to the trail of tape that he drags around. he first came to attention as one half of ANTIQUE BROTHERS, a duo formed with his real-life bro Cyrus (releases on house of alchemy, foxglove, phantom limb, not not fun, stunned, really coastal), as a member of LA allstar improv sextet THOUSANDS, and solo as FANTASTIC EGO, dropping acidic folk and tape manipulation bombs on the Phantom Limb label run by Grant Capes, also his duet partner in FANTASTIC SLEEP, their deep drone project. lately, he has dropped the EGO moniker and started recording under his own name, dropping epic synth science that runs against the hyper-organized, sequencer-happy trends in contemporary synth music, as well as becoming a full time member of ROBEDOOR, POCAHAUNTED, and forming VIBES, LOW LIGHT SITUATIONS, and DOGWIPER in addition to all this, he runs GREEN MACHINE STUDIOS, based out of his home in east LA, and has recorded such bands such as METAL ROUGE, SUPER MINERALS, LATERAL HYETOGRAPHY, ROBEDOOR, POCAHAUNTED and many more.


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