Whitey Morgan & The 78's, Sanctified Grumblers, Dorian Taj, Hammerdown

Whitey Morgan & The 78's

Outlaw's always been the rough-around-the-edges, tuff guy uncle at the country music family picnic. Denim and leather, not Stetson and Nudie. Hair by Pennzoil, not Pomade. But, in the right hands—Haggard, Paycheck, Junior, Willie and Waylon and now Whitey Morgan—Outlaw is more than beards and bandanas, ink and attitude, it's goddamn folk music. It's about doing the best you can, about getting by and about cold beer and colder women—everything that keeps the honky tonks full on a Saturday night. It's about standing up when it'd just be easier to fall down.

Coming from Flint MI, the always forgotten civic little brother to Motown but no less a hard town with empty factories and emptier prospects, loaded Whitey Morgan & the 78's with that survivors' f.u. mentality. The self-titled debut Bloodshot album was recorded at Levon Helm's studio in Woodstock NY, and while their antecedents are pretty clear, Whitey and the boys play with a muscular attack and energy that makes us think they HAD to learn to play it that way to be heard over the din of the stamping plant and its ghosts.

Sanctified Grumblers

Sanctified Grumblers write and play acoustic music in the vein of the old blues, jug band, and old timey traditions with a sprinkling of New Orleans rhythms. The trio was formed by Chicago musicians Rick Cookin' Sherry, founder of Devil in a Woodpile (Bloodshot Records) and uber-picker Eric Noden. Their music succeeds in the challenge of combining the sounds of music's pre-electric past with the narration of modern universal themes; tales of love, communication break-downs,
and good time grooves.

Between Noden and Sherry, Sanctified Grumblers' sound is formed from a mesh of finger picking resonator guitar, washboard, harmonica, 6-string banjo, and clarinet. The trio's third musical leg is alternated between the dog-house bass of Texas ex-patriot Beau Sample and the sousaphone of Mike Hogg.

The band's first release "no lie" was released in the spring of 2011. It contains seventeen acoustic cuts, sixteen of which were penned by the band. These sessions were greatly enhanced by the skills of friends Jim Becker (Califone, Iron & Wine) on fiddle, mandolin, and saw, Mike Reed (People, Places, Things) on drums, and Tom V. Ray (Neko Case, Bottle Rockets, Jakob Dylan, Devil in a Woodpile) on banjo and ukelele.

The band also performs behind delta blues legend Honeyboy Edwards and Chicago harmonica great Billy Boy Arnold.


start division and western no fear: name d.a.a.t. basement throw rocks on roof of subway train; lakeview stingray alley allstar on the grass; social center marbles on concrete run away away bitter dog do my bidding fire and rain my sweet lord first band was THE DESTROYERS at rogers grammer to TZL THUNDER BAND and LECTRONYX at mather high to playing the hemingway church with BLOODY NAILS to recording and touring with ARTICLES OF FAITH then forming WAIT FOR LIGHT moving to L.A. forming another WAIT FOR LIGHT moving it back recording, touring, freaking and finally becoming the DORIAN TAJ


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