Pat McGee

After 18 years touring and recording nine albums, I firmly believe that live performance should be respected and promoted as a true art form that enriches society and brings people together. As an artist I feel a welcomed obligation to connect to my listeners so they can relate to the music on a different level.

The songs in my latest album "No Wrong Way To Make It Right"evoke emotions that I previously shied away from--deeply personal pain, pleasure, regret, bliss, discouragement, resentment, love, anger, fear, and peace of mind. The songs range from light-hearted to deeply introspective, but always positive in the end. For some of the material, I had the good fortune of writing with some of my oldest comrades in the business: Jason Mraz, Emerson Hart, Stephen Kellogg, Keaton Simons and Ryan Newell from Sister Hazel. All the musical influences—everything from rock, pop, country & folk--that spurred my desire to be a musician come to play in this album.

While in college, I played every night I could in the Richmond VA area and on weekends performed at universities up and down the East coast. In the winter of 1994, I wrote my first song "Rebecca," which led to my first real-deal CD "from the wood" released from the back of my truck just before I left college the following Spring. With that album, I dove headfirst into the touring singer-songwriter world and never looked back.

In '96, I founded Pat McGee Band to back my acoustic-driven shows, and we hit the road hard. We were a touring machine. I lost count once the band did our 3,000th show. I recall in one 103-day stretch, we played 98 gigs. That was all before tour buses and cushy hotels, and we loved every second of it.

I went on to sell over 300,000-and-counting CD's, some out of the back of my trailer as we performed coast to coast, some through what we used to call "record stores" and eventually digitally online. Since 1995, I have put out five independent recordings, one live DVD and two albums with Warner Brothers before this latest independent release.

In the fall of 2006, my band suffered our greatest loss when our drummer Chris Williams passed away suddenly. I'd be lying if I didn't say it changed everything. To this day it feels like one of my best friends just took a vacation andhasn't returned yet.

I am proud that all along the way I have been able to surround myself with talented musicians who bring something truly unique to the show night after night. We have had the good fortune of selling out venues, such as the Filmore in San Francisco, The Troubadour in LA, House of Blues in Chicago, as well as Wolf Trap's Filene Center in Virginia. I have also had the joy of sharing the stage with some of my musical heroes such as: The Who, The Allman Brothers, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Buffet, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. In 2001 my band was asked to be the sole performer at President Bill Clinton's farewell gala in Washington, DC.

To connect with fans even more, I have recently endeavored on a destination concert/vacation experience like none other called "Down TheHatch." Fans and the band—and often other musicians--take over resorts and allow me to share my love of music and all the amazing attractions, cuisine & local hideouts that I discovered over nearly two decades traversing our beautiful country. While on tour, I have been able to comb the back streets of big cities and small towns to find the best America has to offer—not always your five-star places, but ones that grab you for a purely authentic experience. On my "Down the Hatch" events, we share several days together taking in the local scene, whether beach or city, as well as provide numerous varied musical experiences from very casual to full-blown shows.

Between the release of my new record, the constant tours that range from intimate acoustic performances to barn-burnin' rock shows to my Down The Hatch destination events, my focus remains -- sharing an experience through songwriting, performing, traveling and getting to know people through my music.


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