For The Foxes

For The Foxes

Out of towner guys on Hopeless Records

Easier experienced than described, Air Dubai is a bustling seven-piece hailing from the burgeoning music scene of Denver, CO. With disparate musical backgrounds and indiscriminate influences, the boys of Air Dubai have truly created something new: pure, melodic cacophony. When vocalists Julian Thomas and Jon Shockness conceived the product of their musical aspirations in the summer of 2008, the short-lived duo underwent a rejuvenation in the spring of 2009 with instrumentalists Nick Spreigl, Lawrence Grivich, Michael Ray, Taylor Tait and Wesley Watkins rounding out the band's current line-up. The band as it exists will go on to collect several titles (including Westword Magazine's Best Hip-Hop Band, and KTCL 93.3's Hometown for the Holidays competition) and universal praise for their eclectic brand of spicy alternative music: always well done, but never over-sauced.
Wonder Age, their debut long player released October 5th, 2010, is the embodiment of two years of anticipation built solely upon Air Dubai's critically acclaimed live performance. An Air Dubai show is a truly unique experience – an open invitation into the passion and soul behind Air Dubai, but also simply a testament to having a good time. Both national and international publications will say that Air Dubai stands confident in delivering both. While their impressive roster of accomplishments would suggest that Air Dubai might be seasoned and frail, and reaching the bottom of their slope, the truth however is quite the opposite. This young band has the world ahead of them – working efficiently and successfully to catch up to it. Though Air Dubai is certain to document their experiences, life lessons, and discouragements – through their infectiously tasteful music – all along the way.



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