Doldrums, Friends, Sean Nicholas Savage

A hypnotic mixture of beat-laden trance, sensuous pop, sample collage and noise experimentalism, Doldrums come to us by way of Toronto, with numerous cult favourite releases, including a split with Portishead on XL, three 7" records on We Are Busy Bodies, and a VHS split with Parrot Talk.

His new album, Lesser Evil, is being released Feb. 2013 on Arbutus Records, also home to Grimes.

Friends have also garnered praise from the likes of , among others, Nylon Magazine, The NME and Creature Mag who had this to say about them: "(Friends)boast a classic pop sound and their single 'Friend Crush' is simply the epitome of cool…This Brooklyn quintet are led by lead singer Samantha Urbani whose vocals drip with a gritty sex appeal that relays the heat of a NYC summer… The bass and percussion on 'Friend Crush' is sultry, with an instantaneously memorable keys/guitar hook that'll have you humming this track for weeks to come. Urbani's vocals are effortless and simultaneously flawless- this band is definitely one to watch for 2011, and they haven't even started recording their debut album yet."

Sean Nicholas Savage



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