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From their records I know this great couple band nobody's heard of to be mordant, obsessive, desperate. But having caught them live in Manhattan last year, I also know them to be urgent, funny, companionable. To be clear, they're a two-male, two-female quartet, but only grizzled fat Chuck Cleaver and lissome tattooed Lisa Walker are a couple. What's worrisome is that if I'm to take their latest songs autobiographically, which is hard to resist after that show, I should say they're a couple-I-hope, not just because I want them to keep making records but because I liked them together — and because this is as brutal a relationship album as Richard & Linda Thompson's "Shoot Out the Lights." It starts with a miserable reunion, gets bleaker, sets the tone for its upful moments with the lively "Happiness Bleeds," and keeps on bleeding till a spare, funereal closer with the ominous title "Las Vegas." But there's also good news. With Walker's soprano simultaneously reasonable and fraught, Cleaver's rough tenor spooked by Appalachian Cincinnati, their country-drone guitars and locked-in rhythm section never give up, not even on the slow ones. There's hurt there always. But no discernible hate. - Robert Christgau, 2009

The Quixote Project

We hail from the great state of New Jersey and are a neo-roots music outfit. From Rock to Rockabilly, Bluegrass to Soul we like to pull from traditional lines to kick in the doors of modern music. Call this musical hodgepodge what you will but at the end of the day we strive to create one cohesive musical experience. With engrained stylings derived from the Pines Barrens, steel-toed foot stomping beats, and fine crafted melodies and lyrics we are a band of musicians known as The Quixote Project.

Midwestern Exposure

The story of Midwestern Exposure begins way back in a time long forgotten by most. It's a epic tale of adventure, romance and erotica; filled with ups, downs and in-betweens.... but I'm getting tired of writing so I'll just cut to the chase. Cam plays some stuff, Jeff plays some other stuff and Forrest plays yet more stuff. When their powers combined they are.... Captain Planet or something even cooler like when the Power Rangers combined all their sweet robot things into one enormous even cooler robot with a awesome sword.

Seamus Browning

Left-of-center alt-pop rock songcraft is the name of Seamus Browning's game, folks. Be baptized into a cinematic alchemy of beguiling lyrics, scalpel-sharp hooks, and dynamic onstage energy.



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