LAUNCH Music Conference remains one of the premiere places for artists to network with peers and music industry professionals all while enjoying a fun, exciting, music-filled weekend in historic Downtown Lancaster, PA!

Located in the heart of the City, the Conference encompasses the spacious Freedom Hall at the Lancaster County Convention Center.

With a slew of music industry professionals descending on Lancaster City to speak, mentor, and provide advice to upcoming and established musical acts, LAUNCH is the best place to be for anyone looking to further his or her musical career, learn more about working in other aspects of the music industry, and network and establish ties with artists and professionals from all over the country!

Park Circle

Eye For An Eye

As Silence Retreats

I Surround

Among the Fallen

Among the Fallen's epic legacy is in the making. The young band embarked on its epic quest to blow the minds of all fellow metalheads and rockers of the like. Rhythm/Lead Guitarist, Tyler Loy, took up the legendary electric guitar in late 2006. By that time, Lead/Rhythm Guitarist Brandon Thomas had already been playing for a couple years. The two banded together in late 2007. As a two man unit
, they began writing def riffs and tight solos. For a period, Jeremy Hudson was their go-to man for "how to play shit". Jeremy had to go to Nebraska :'( ... Jc Redmond joined in 2009 to keep the low end of the amps hot and for a time Tyler was the band's vocalist. Then they hooked up with Keith Kilgore, their lead singer. The band had been without a heartbeat for so long, and nobody was badass enough to keep the thick rhythms and hardcore thrash beats, until they discovered Tony Gattone. Currently they are working on a demo for a handful of songs that will make you make your EARS EXPLODE!!!!

Land Lines

Land Lines came together with new direction and a serious approach on the music scene. Being previously called Endless, Land Lines was reformed with members from Masons and Afflictions to bring a new pace to the music scene. Be on the lookout for us at your local hardcore/metal show.

A Faylene Sky

After their first release in 2007, "The Hero Vs. Us", A Faylene Sky made themselves public to the Providence, Rhode Island music scene and began a journey to be heard. By the time their second EP was released in 2009, "Define Alive", the band became widely recognized as an original new footprint in post-hardcore. The six-piece aims to excite a variety of different emotions for any listener, and tell stories within lyrics that stimulate the imaginations of fans. The members of A Faylene Sky will stop at nothing to deliver the most moving riffs as well as punishing breakdowns. They will tackle their obstacles as a team and celebrate their success as a family.

The band has shared their music to over six hundred fans at once as they headlined the national act venue of their state. They were also the winners of the Taste of Chaos Battle of the Bands contest, and were set to play in their home state with some of their very own influences. In april 2010, the band had once again made it to first place on the Top Downloads chart upon the release of their cover of Taio Cruz's "Break Your Heart." The new cover has popularized the band even more this year. But, it is only an introduction to the new material that is soon to be released. The latest upcoming songs are expected to display the band in a new light with genius riffs and epic composition.

A World Once Silent

We are A World Once Silent and we've been together since May 2010. We released an EP, In the Company of Wolves, on 05/30/11 and we've been getting great reviews on it. We are currently playing shows, writing new material and hitting the studio mid-October 2012 to record a full length which we hope to release early 2013. We are always looking for shows, so please hit us up if interested in having AWOS play. We enjoy talking about music, love performing and meeting people.

High Water

Onward to Olympas



Defying any definitions of age, Ephrata, P.A.’s Texas in July have already toured the country and back, sharing stages with everyone from The Devil Wears Prada and Every Time I Die to August Burns Red and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – all before the entire band had graduated from high school.

With the two youngest members walking across the graduation stage this year, Texas in July are about to charge headfirst into living out their dreams full-time. Vocalist Alex Good explains, “Now that we’ve finished high school, we plan to tour as much as humanly possible. We are so stoked on seeing the world and meeting new people everywhere we go.”

The band is comprised of Good, Logan Maurer (guitar), Ben Witkowski (bass), Adam Gray (drums) and Christian Royer (guitar). By balancing their sensitive expressions of faith with some of metalcore’s most ferocious and in-your-face vocals and breakdowns, the band is well on their way to making a name for themselves and to putting small-town-Pennsylvania on the map!
In just three years since their inception, Texas in July have already built up a community of diehard fans around the world - most notably in their hometown, where they pack the 750+ capacity venue, The Chameleon Club. In 2008, the digital-only release of their debut EP, Salt of the Earth, introduced listeners to their signature sound of heavy, groove-oriented metalcore.

The EP sparked such impressive digital sales, that it was later released as a physical CD that was distributed nationwide through Hot Topic and snatched up by the masses at the band’s merch table. Salt of the Earth led to packed tour dates and provided the perfect preview of what was to come on their debut full-length album, I Am.

Released in September of 2009 on CI Records, I Am is a true testament to the band’s passion, intensity and musicianship. Royer states, “We want our fans to love our music and look at it to its fullest. From our lyrics to our breakdowns, we hope everyone can relate to it one way or the other.” From the brutal churning rhythms of “Elements” to the relentless intensity of “Satellites” (featuring Gwen Stacy vocalist Geoff Jenkins), the album displays Texas in July’s musical maturity while simultaneously showcasing their impressive songwriting and technical talents.

Never wanting to settle on what they’ve already achieved, the band is already looking forward to their next release. Witkowki explains, “I Am has put our feet in the water, as far as the music industry goes, but we hope to take our sound to even greater heights on our upcoming full-length.” Gray elaborates, “We feel that our music has already progressed a lot and will reach out to a greater base of people. We’re really looking forward to further developing it and sharing it with new audiences.”

Texas in July will certainly have the opportunity to reach new audiences as they have already begun an impressive, non-stop tour schedule that will carry them all across the United States, Canada and Europe. The band will then head back into the studio, where they will write and record a new album on Equal Vision Records. Maurer reflects on their current and future plans stating, “…we just hope to never feel as if we have arrived. We always feel that there is something more for us to achieve and another step to take.”

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