Annie & The Beekeepers

Annie & The Beekeepers

Annie Lynch and the Beekeepers owes much of its sound to the lilting country and bluegrass melodies of its forebears, but its musical palette is diverse enough to include a touch of New Orleans Dixie clarinet and some gorgeously resonant cello playing. Boston

Elijah Aaron

Leslie Beukelman's Brite Lite

Leslie Beukelman (vocalist) has forged a central role in Chicago's vibrant music scene. Her versatility as a musician has allowed her to be involved in a variety of performances and recordings, and her perseverance and dedication to continually refining her craft has led her to do so. Over the last year, Leslie had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem for First Lady, Michelle Obama, as well as performing a solo a cappella rendition of "God Bless America" at the 2012 Chicago Memorial Day Wreath Laying Ceremony in Daley Plaza. In addition to these incredible experiences, Leslie has been focusing on sharing her songwriting by starting her own band, BRITE LITE. This four piece band brings Leslie's music to life, each member bringing his own influences to the music. BRITE LITE has elements of pop, jazz, folk, R&B - but at the end of the day, it's original music with pieces of familiarity. Leslie's work is featured and documented on a handful of recordings available on itunes and amazon: her solo album, "Here I Am", Treehouse's recent release, "Whatever They're Paying You, I'll Double it", Information Superhighway's "This is not the Ending" and "First Morning", the Chicago Skyliners Big Band's "Live in River Grove", among others. Leslie is currently in the studio working on her next solo album with her latest project, BRITE LITE.



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