Red Fox Run

Red Fox Run

Denver-based Red Fox Run is a band concerned with one thing: earnest, passionate rock music. From humble beginnings playing house shows and recording in basements to signing with Cherry Sound Records and maintaining a rigorous schedule of live gigs, Red Fox Run has continued to grow and hone their sound. After releasing their debut album take[ctrl], Daniel Rondeau (vocals/guitar), Josh Hester (guitar), and Tristan Ringering (drums/percussion) worked to record Skeletons EP. The new release features “We All Got It,” a catchy rock anthem, and “Skeletons,” a brooding, burning guitar-driven jam.

Instant Empire

Instant Empire's unique style of aggressive indie rock has drawn comparisons over the years to The Hold Steady, The National, Manchester Orchestra and Bright Eyes. Their most recent LP, Lamplight Lost (2015), highlights the bands storytelling, songwriting and musical progression from previous releases. Lyrical, melodic, ambitious - Lamplight Lost represents a band that has found its voice. Instant Empire is lead singer Scotty Saunders with guitarists Sean Connaughty and Lou Kucera, Aaron Stone on bass, Doug Chase on keys and Tristan Kelley on drums.

Anthony Ruptak

A down-to-earth, god-honest artist with a burning passion for music.
"…a less spastic Connor Oberst with the musical ambiguity of [Andrew] Bird…" –DeNOUMENT Magazine

Born and raised in the small town of Bailey, Colorado, and taught at home throughout his life, Anthony Ruptak has recently made his emergence in the folk scene in Denver.
Considered to be a singer/songwriter, self-taught musician, and aficionado of folk, americana, and grassroots music,
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Band Interests
To viciously pursue his career in music. To take the words that trickle down from his memory into the tip of his pen and administer those words with musical accompaniment into the ears of the public.


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