Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band

When the Booty Band hits the stage, everybody dances! Having fun and feeling good is the philosophy of this Asheville, NC based six-piece band that has been hitting the road since 2002. Their mix of triumphant horns, laid-back grooves, and heavy backbeats is what has carried them back and forth across the nation, from club to club, smiling face to smiling face, day to day, note to note. Adding colorful costumes and interactive stage personalities is just part of the show,…Booty Band brings the FUNK!

The members of Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band came from all over the Eastern seaboard, eventually meeting in the little town of Boone, NC in 2002. The band re-located in 2006 and is currently based out of the beautiful mountain gem of Asheville, NC. Gregbob "Rescue in the Night" Hollowell, from Connecticut and Michigan, is in charge of melodical explosions on the saxophones. When his hands are free, you may see Greg morph into the entity known as "Bongo Fury" or summon voices of various guest characters that he channels through the vocal chords. His partner in crime, the other half of the Asheville Horns, Derrick "Juices and Berries" Johnson, blows furious funk and cool jazz tones from the bell of his trombone. You can always expect to see Derrick engaging our friends in the audience and occasionally strumming the electric guitar, bringing the room to a warm, fuzzy whirlpool of emotions known as "Jazz Odyssey." Speaking of electric things, J.P. "Smoke Machine" Miller, a recovering Florida beach freak, takes control of most guitar associated sounds, while hopping on the mic or blazing trails through the ether with nasty synth and keyboard sounds. Al Al "Sweet Nasty" Ingram, originally from Laurinburg, NC, is in charge of funky threads and all frequencies below the waist. Al Al will not respond to "Hey Bootsy," but he will sing his heart out right into yours, while communicating directly with your hips via thick bass lines. If you find yourself tapping your feet while waiting for a drink at the bar, chances are that it's because of this guy: Lee Allen. Also from the LBG, NC, Lee is one half of the power house duo, Eymarel, that the Booty Band recently absorbed. The other half of the new addition to our wonderfully motley crew is Mary "Nuke 'em" Frances. Originally from Southern Virginia, Sister Mary holds down the heavy end of the keys, organs and synths, while pleasing the crowds with sensational vocals. Behold the glory!

Chit Nasty

Ecstasy. It fills the faces of fans at the live shows, emanates from the bodies shaking to the powerful, precise rhythms of three guitars, drums, and keyboards. Plain and simple, this band makes people happy.
The Chit Nasty Band is the creation of Christian “Chit” Foushee-Green, singer, songwriter, and keyboardist extraordinaire. Raised in the music of the black church, Foushee-Green knows how to inspire an audience through upbeat lyrics, onstage dance moves, and expert musicianship. His trademark sound harkens back to the funk bands of the 70s and 80s, but with a contemporary flair that reflects the vibrant music scene of Chapel Hill/Durham, North Carolina.
Foushee-Green has assembled around him a group of expert musicians whose steady, powerful sound give him the platform on which to freelance. Bassist Michael Bare, a veteran of Jessica Long and the New Kind and current member of The Chris Hendricks Band, creates the foundation with funky bass lines gauranteed to loosen up the tightest fan. Guitarist Jackson Manuel adds soaring, precise leads, and backing vocals that rival any of today’s professional singers.

Outside Soul

A sound forged in the streets of the Capital City; Featuring Matt Grady on bass and lead vocals, Devin Rauson on Saxophone, Barrett Certoma on drums, and Chris Macon on guitar and vocals. At home in both neo-soul and rock oriented venues alike, these boys have been plugging away at their hometown of Raleigh, NC for a couple of years and are now ready to release their first album. Intelligent yet danceable, proficient but soulful, polished and gritty. Outside Soul has something that anybody can dig.

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