Miracles Of Modern Science

Miracles Of Modern Science

Miracles of Modern Science are an unlikely rock band. Using just mandolin, violin, cello, standup bass, and drums, they create explosive pop that upends notions of what these instruments can do.

The band began life at Princeton University. Vocalist/bassist Evan Younger and mandolinist Josh Hirshfeld shared a hall their freshman year and soon began hijacking open mics with their off-kilter acoustic collaborations. They found kindred spirits in other restless musicians from the school’s orchestras and jazz bands: conductor-by-day cellist Geoff McDonald, Aussie violinist Kieran Ledwidge, and finally powerhouse drummer Tyler Pines, who spurred them to plug their miniature orchestra into amps. The band built a cult following on campus and graduated to New York City, where their ecstatic live shows and dorm-grown EP earned them nods from SPIN, Wired, NPR Morning Edition, and Brooklyn Vegan.

Dog Year, their debut LP, finds MOMS pushing the limits of their antique instruments and throwing aside conventions as readily as their genre-bending idols, Bowie and Bartok. You’ll hear unhinged baritone vocals anchored by a looming upright bass, mandolin riffs that share more DNA with post-rock than bluegrass, and a two-man “string section” shredding as ferociously as the rock drummer behind them. The result is as daring as it is infectious.

Princess Music

Recently overcoming his paralyzing shyness instilled by a harsh music conservatory environment, of which he only lasted three semesters, Tyler Ludwick actually managed to complete a healthy handful of folk songs! And gather an all-star cast of distinguished musicians from the greater Denver area to perform them under the name "Princess Music"! This group includes Laura Goldhamer on banjo, Robin Chestnut (from the Shift), recent CU masters graduates Psyche Cassandra Dunkhase and Rachel Sliker on cello and violin, and math-metal bassist Jeremy Averitt (from The Shift).

The group got its title from an unassuming 3-year-old audience member named Ezry at their first show, who was curious as to whether it was indeed going to be "princess music" performed that night. Luckily, it was. She would have been the harshest of critics and tantrum throwers if it were not to have accommodated her tastes. Thus, on that eighth day of January 2010, the name and the family of "Princess Music was born.

The music is both for the heart and the head, with poignant narratives and spiritually evocative content found within classically influenced rock structures. Princess Music is essentially a rock trio (electric guitar, bass and drum kit), with banjo and string parts often taking a primary role. Tyler takes his classical guitar training to a fender telecaster, his composition skills to cello and violin textures, and his drumming background to the overall polyrhythmic and irregular meters of the music.

The members of Princess Music are glad to have found one another. Tyler is elated.

Princess Music…made excellent use of the band's string-ensemble setup, topping off with a jam that started as percussion-based groove and built to a grand, orchestral close. -westword



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