Hanzel und Gretyl

Exploration of the future gave birth to Hanzel und Gretyl in 1993 as Loopy and Vas Kallas fixated on a machine approach to music that has since popularized the infamous HUG quote "Machines Good People Bad." As the human element of musicians fell apart from former band projects, Vas and Loopy were left in the deep black forest and it was only natural to take on the personas of the fairy tale "Hanzel und Gretyl."

On their first demo Kindermusik in 1994, HuG worked along with Bryce Goggin, (Ramones, Space Hog...) and distributed it labels receiving a great response -- but the music industry was not daring enough to sign an act that sang in German and fringed on experimental ideas. At that time Vas and Loopy were living in their rehearsal studio in Manhattan actually on the same floor that Madonna occupied back in her struggling artist days. Conveniently, across the street from their studio was Energy Records, where HuG deposited a demo and were immediately signed.

In 1995 their first album, Ausgeflippt, was released. The duo then formed a live band, recruiting Ginger Bread on bass and the Pat 5000 on drums. Having only five live shows Immediately following the success of Ausgeflippt HuG returned to Kinderland Studios to create their next opus Transmissions from Uranus which was subsequently released in 1997. This CD focused on Astrological, Sci-Fi, and futuristic influences incorporated with a more Techo/Metal vibe.

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