High Rise Robots

Metal fron Independence,MO


One day, Jesus was walking around the area that is now Kansas City, when he stepped on a thorn. The sight of his own blood turned him on, so he decided to masturbate on his foot, creating a strange ooze of blood and semen, which he left on the ground. Flash forward to recent times, a strong midwest thunderstorm blew through town, and the torrential rains reconstituted the ooze. When the ooze fell down into the sewer system, a band of super human idiots was formed.

In The Shadow

METAL. Their goal is to tour the world.

“Continue to Move” is a piece of work that shows a band does not need flashy equipment, an image or auto tune to make great music. All they need is a love of music, good songs, a desire to keep moving forward, good friends to support them and desire to be heard. Dsoedean constantly move, they strive for the best recordings, better songs, to build a strong fan base and to create music that makes them happy.

-Danny R. Phillips Blurt Magazine



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