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MG & The Gas City Three

After a decade in Chicago playing metal, MG and Nate moved back home and decided to bring it back to what they knew; hard hitting tunes infused with punk, rock, and country music.

In MG & the Gas City 3’s short time together, they have become one of Indiana’s most exciting and hardest working bands; playing to great crowds across the Midwest.

After the release of their debut album Get in, Shut Up and Hold On (2010 Gas City Records), MG & the Gas City 3 has enjoyed a great string of success playing Indiana’s most prestigious venues with well known acts such as Rockabilly Hall of Famer Art Adams, Hillbilly Casino, The Krank Daddies, Hudson Hornet and Mo Foster’s The Next Big Thang.

With tons of views and likes, the single “Rock Kept ‘A’ Rollin”, filmed by Andrew Quinn soared courtesy of Gas City Records.

MG & the Gas City 3 is currently working on their second studio album due in the 2013.

Look for a MG & the Gas City 3 cameo in the movie “GILA!”, on the SYFY channel and theatrical release in the Summer of 2012 with a couple of tunes on the soundtrack.
“GILA!” was directed by Jim Wynorski, of Chopping Mall (1986), Return of Swamp Thing (1989) and produced by Bill Dever. “GILA!” is a remake of the 1950's film “The Giant Gila Monster”.

The Wanton Looks

The Wanton Looks are four women who deliver the goods. The group was conceived by Traci Trouble (Paper Bullets, Thee Invaders, HotLips Messiah) and Meg Thomas (Reptoids, OD TAPO IMI). After countless auditions of guitarists, Inga Olson (The Closet Squatters,The Howl) joined the band followed a year later by southern sweetie Susie Q (Slutter,The Howl). They will break your face and your heart. Stay tuned for their debut album which is going to blow your mind.

Bad-girl harmonies (think Shangri-La's) meet fuzzed-up guitar and relentless tempos. Sure it's been done countless times before, but when it's done well – with fizzy hooks and towering sing-along choruses – who can complain? "Electromagnetic Force" is aptly named, "Demons" stomps like Motorhead, the first chord on "Worst Side of Me" sounds like a bomb detonating. -Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

For the sake of argument, let's try to imagine a world where everything even indirectly related to rock 'n' roll is as insufferably uncool as your gouty aunt's country-club bridge game. While it's a safe bet that rock would lose 99.9 percent of its fans to other modes of conspicuous consumption, you can be sure that local rocker Traci Trouble (formerly of Hotlips Messiah and the Paper Bullets) would still be doing everything she's doing now. I've met very few people as passionately dedicated to "the rock" as Trouble, and for her new band, the Wanton Looks, she's found three other women who share her devotion. Songs like "Worst Side of Me" (on an upcoming seven-inch comp from Kalamazoo's UFO Dictator Records) and "Demons" combine the snarly, cocksure aggression of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts with Buzzcocks-a-riffic guitar solos and a surplus of well-placed vocal hooks. —Brian Costello, Chicago Reader

The Wanton Looks: Though they have only about eight songs written, this Chicago quartet shows enough promise to make me hope they stick around long enough to write a bunch more. They specialize in massive choruses over heavy, fuzz-tone guitars. Nothing chintzy or undernourished about this sound. Bassist Traci Trouble, drummer Meg Thomas and guitarists Inga Olson and Susie Q simply bring the rock. - Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

Mad Trucker Gone Mad

To start off, I would just like to say, "Who gives a shit!" Really. Rock bands are a dime a dozen. So what if MTGM kicks huge bloody mule cock all the way to the Valley of Jehosephat. Sure, most bands pale in comparison. But so, !@#% -ing what! Not all beat, rhythm and melody wranglers can say they spent most of their adult life in the Egg Sandwich, Texas Low-Security Prison for Schizophrenic Homeless Drug and Sex Addicts. And who would blame 'em. I wouldn't wish that fate on my drunkest uncle. Shit! I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone, septin' maybe myself. And I deserved every boring, wasted day in that sideshow of a correctional institution. I'll tell you what. Learned me real good how to sing 'bout the pain in my heart.

The Hex Bombs sound is a unique brand of proletariat punk with a classic punk rock-revival attitude. Never tiring of powerful hooks and anthemic sing-along choruses, these raucous gents sing about the reality of life from the perspective of hard working folks. The songs are progressive and honest with the intensity of a maelstrom.

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