Carolina Still

For fans of: Johnny Cash, Bob Wayne, Old Crow Medicine Show

Carolina Still, out of Washington, NC, promotes a vision of early 20th century rural and small-town life, with a distinct Southern focus. They are a hard-driving, acoustic quartet with a distinctive new young sound and an old-time feel – the result of a potent blend of musical styles of old time, bluegrass, country, blues, rockabilly, punk and more. The band’s sound is deeply rooted in traditional music, but it is delivered with lots of energy and originality. The band will take you down on the farm, out into the tobacco fields, down a dirt road with a trunk full of ‘shine; you never know where they might take you. Their quasi-outlaw shenanigans make for an often hectic ride through some dirt road songwriting, and with three vocalists and a fiery rhythm section, they’re rarely off the pace.
The members of Carolina Still all come from diverse musical backgrounds, which is what gives them their unique sound. J. Alan Casey, who spent years as a heavy metal drummer, plays banjo, guitar, and provides vocals. Robert Norman on guitar, fiddle, and vocals, used to play in various metal bands with Casey. Billy Smith, an accomplished funk, blues, and rock drummer, brings his talents to the drums along with his background vocals. Adam Jones, on the doghouse bass and Vocals. With a collection of original songs, covers, and traditional fiddle tunes, which are all brought to you with original arrangements and style, Carolina Still is a band you don’t wanna miss!

Sarah Shook

For fans of: Hank Williams, Roger Miller, Wanda Jackson

Sarah Shook is known for blistering country originals, belting out Hank Williams numbers with ease, and drinking Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey by the half gallon. With trusty long-time sidekick Eric Peterson shoving swoon-worthy guitar licks in your face, the great John Howie Jr. beating hell fire out of the drums, and Jason Hedrick's bone rattling upright bass, you'll happily forget everything you thought you knew about country music.

Bitch, please.

Safari Dudes

For fans of: El Obo, Tegan & Sarah and Feist.

Roommates Cade Sadler and Ashley Dudek started writing music together in Summer 2012; just trying to kill some time in their South Philadelphia row home. Shortly thereafter, Safari Dudes was born. The duo's harmonious jams and mellow vibe make for the perfect driving mix. Try it!

$5 online / $7 at the door


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