Deciding to trade in his college baseball jersey and curveball for a Martin guitar and life on the road was a major turning point in Corey Cox’s life. At just 20 years old, Corey made a decision to step outside of his traditional, comfortable, Indiana small town existence and throw everything he had at an unpredictable and precarious life as a music man.

Six fans showed up in Corey’s living room for his first performances – not even enough for a full baseball team. The determination and competitive drive Corey took with him from his days on the ball diamond are now paying off – five years, three albums, and hundreds of song writing sessions later.

Corey has spent the last several months writing alongside some of Nashville’s biggest and best songwriters. As his summer tour dates across the country continue to heat up, Corey is preparing to release his latest single written during one of those marathon writing sessions with Joel Brentlinger (co-writer on the song Pray For You by Jaron & The Long Road To Love). A song written from his own real life experience, Corey sparked the idea from a late–night party followed by a way too early morning wakeup call. The single, Wake Up Drunk, is expected to hit radio later this summer.

Corey attributes his love of music storytelling, dynamic entertaining and age-defying music to two great influences, Garth Brooks and fellow-Hoosier, John Mellencamp. When Corey picked up his first guitar at the age of 14 the first songs he would learn to play as a self-taught musician were Garth’s. “The energy Garth brings to every single show is unbelievable,” says Corey. “The way he connects with his audience and brings them into the story he’s singing is unlike any other performer. I try to emulate him in laying everything I have out there for my fans.”

While on the road and splitting time between his home state of Indiana and Nashville, TN the past five years, Corey has shared the stage with Sugarland, Dierks Bentley, Darius Rucker, Josh Turner, and Chris Young at prestigious music venues, tours, rodeos, fairs and festivals across the country. Continuing his rapid climb in the country music world in 2012, Corey performed for tens of thousands of fans in the Super Bowl XLVI Village, sang the National Anthem at the Brickyard 400 Nationwide Race and secured a major sponsorship with Coors Banquet beer. Corey is also scheduled for his second appearance on County Cruising later this year, joining some of country music’s biggest names for a 7-day Caribbean cruise Corey has built his name through his relatable lyrics, contagious songs, and energetic live shows – a combination that has attracted a strong and loyal following. Fans travel across multiple states, organize caravans, arrange tailgate parties and stand in lines to be a part of Corey’s explosive performances, never doubting they’ll also steal a spontaneous smile or be offered an autograph with a thank you hug or high-five after the show. There has never been a meet and greet line too long nor a fan too small for Corey.

“I have truly been blown away by the amount of fan support I have gained over the last couple of years,” says Corey. “It just amazes me that people will spend their hard-earned money on my records, travel hundreds of miles to watch me perform, and invest so much of their energy and emotion in my career. I still get goose bumps every time I walk on stage, knowing that there are people anxiously awaiting my performance and to sing along with my songs. My fans are a huge motivation behind my show and music. They invest their time in me, and I will always guarantee to leave everything on the stage for them. This is what I was put on this earth to do. And, like anyone else living out their purpose in life, I'm going to continue to give it everything I have - and have one hell of a time doing it.”

On February 5, 2013, the rising star released his third album, Good Night Comin’ On, landing him in the producer’s chair alongside Dave McAffee. Dave is known as one of the Kent Hardly Playboys, a group of guys recognized as co-producers on the Grammy-nominated Jamey Johnson albums, That Lonesome Song and The Guitar Song. “It’s rare these days that you work with a young artist as driven as Corey,” says Dave. “He was the only writer on all of his songs on this EP, so he had the vision for each song vividly in his head. Helping capture Corey’s vision and take it to where his EP ended up was a great experience. Corey is one of this generations’ hottest upcoming singers/songwriters/producers. This EP is proof that he is well on his way.”

“This was my first time being able to co-produce a record,“ says Corey. “There's something really special about that. The songs were in my own hands for molding. It was so much fun to see my stories come to life in the studio. I wanted to produce this record with enormous energy and I feel these tunes will all bring that desired high energy and contagious enthusiasm to a live show atmosphere. I love entertaining and telling stories - the songs on this album allow me to do both.”

Good Night Comin’ On includes 6 tracks, all written by Corey himself, capturing unforgettable coming-of-age moments that are relatable for anyone at any age, in any life situation. Corey says, “Whether you're falling in or out of love, living life in a small town, or you just need to throw back a cold beer and get rowdy, there is a something for you here.” It’s evident the lyrics are personal to Corey. His country music roots tease a bit of rock as he delivers his songs with honest nostalgia and raw emotion – like reminiscing about living and loving the simple life of a “water tower one stoplight town” in “I Just Call it Country” or pushing all of your past problems aside and being inspired to take on the world in “I Got Me a Girl.” “Porch Swing” is about how all of the simple things you value in life really shape the individual you become. For Corey, it was all of the different memories of powerful moments that took place on his own grandparents’ porch swing. “I think everyone has their own porch swing,” he says. “And looking back on it, you grow to appreciate those simple times and those small moments because they are actually significant milestones in your life.”

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