Bearin' Peace, The Nick West Quartet, Jenny & The Bets

Bearin' Peace

Proceeds from this event will be donated to Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund. Hoboken was devastated by Hurricane Sandy and our residents need your help! Please join Pintmeisters for a night of great music, great people - and a better tomorrow for Hoboken!

Bearin' Peace is straight out of North Jersey and is quickly building a name for them selves by blending together a clever mix of reggae and rock n' roll music. With the current music scene slowly dying from an over saturation of emo, pop, punk, and one hit wonder bands; it is hard for many musicians to break the mold. Bearin' Peace doesn't take what is on MTV and remake it; they re-work the way music is thought of from the ground up. In there relatively short career Bearin' Peace has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some legendary acts including reggae legends Bob Marley's Original Wailers, Gramps Morgan, Duane Stephenson and Bankie Banx. Funk pioneer George Clinton and the parliament funkadelic. Meatloaf, Bare Naked Ladies, Zack Deputy and Badfish. With tons of live music and festival experience B.P. thrives on large crowds and has a reputation for an energetic live show that has been known to please audiences of all kinds.



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