The Killtones

What started out as just a side project became something much bigger. Clinton and Josh being in two different bands at the time started getting together and writing songs and riffs, soon theses riffs turned into songs and soon theses songs turned into an cd. The Band first started off as a 4 piece at shows, but soon after the band came down to just the original two members. So with no drummer or bassist Josh and Clinton almost decided to call it quits. But then one evening they where in the basement jamming with each other (clinton on drums and vocals and josh on guitar) and they decided to become a two piece. From that point on it has been nothing but successful shows and overwhelming response. So with that said, let it be known we are The Killtones!

The Slippery Lips

The Slippery Lips are your favorite band to spill your beer to. They bring the energy of a monster truck rally, with the kind of "fuck it all" attitude that will leave you somewhere between the best blackout of your life and wondering how long it's been since you called your mom.


Honeyspiders come on like a knife through the streets cutting open the dark, spilling out it's coloured secrets into the ether. Their sound takes shape as a blend of swaggering rock n' roll, hazy opium den grooves, and wash. In a wave of tape saturation, the secret beat kicks in. Chris Harrison's angular guitar work is a searing chorus of dinosaur howls as the bass lines lumber and drag the caravan onwards. Square wave and psychedelic organs pinwheel and swirl through the air. All the while, Jeremy Harrison is the red tar voice in the density. Ambivalent and eternally cool, even when he's all lost in freakout. A revolving cast of guests and co-conspirators aid them along the way rounding out live performances and recordings, adding a shifting, malleable quality to the Honeyspiders music.



Additional $3 at door for ages 18-20

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The Southgate House Revival-Revival Room