The Rival Mob, Stick Together, Inside Out NY, Give, waste management, World War 4, Prisoner Abuse, Brain Slug

The Rival Mob

The next big hardcore band of Boston. Six Feet Under

Stick Together

PA Youth Crew Kings. Back to Back Records

Hailing from Washington, D.C., GIVE have brought a breath of fresh air to the punk/hardcore scene. Taking influences from Revolution Summer-era hardcore, but with an undeniable style of their own, GIVE aren't following trends or trying to fit in; they're just putting music and lyrics first, and putting everything they have into their notoriously explosive live shows. Having already offered up an amazing self-titled, self-released debut 12", then touring the country extensively, and following that with two of 2010's most exciting 7" EPs, the band shows no signs of letting up -- staying connected to their eclectic influences of the past, but constantly evolving, dashing headfirst into uncharted futures. Moonflower / React! / Deranged Records.



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