Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club, the unexpected break-out band who have took the UK by storm this year, have announced plans for the US release of their acclaimed debut album I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose. The album will be released in the states onAugust 31st via Portland based label Arena Rock Recording Company.

This U.S. release will finally give American music fans an opportunity discover what critics and fans in the UK have been touting as one of the most exciting new bands for the past year, even awarding Bombay Bicycle Club the crown of “Best New Band” at the 2010 NME Awards, beating out The xx, La Roux, The Big Pink and Mumford and Sons. The U.S.version of I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose will feature three exclusive bonus tracks not available on the UK release.

Bombay Bicycle Club’s skyrocketing journey to indie rock notoriety started in 2007 when the band, made up of Jack Steadman (vocals, guitars), Jamie MacColl (guitars),Suren De Saram (drums), and Ed Nash (bass), from North London self-released their debut EP, 2007’s The Boy I Used to Be followed by 2008’s Indie Chart-topping EP How We Are. After the success of both releases,Bombay Bicycle Club took to the studio to record their debut full length with studio veteran Jim Abbiss, the producer of landmark debut albums by Arctic Monkeys, UNKLE, Kasabian and Adele. The record encompasses a garagey and intimate feel punctuated with sonically epic and soaring moments. From the dizzying swoops and morning-after ruefulness of opener “Emergency Contraception Blues” to the ambitious, open-tuned, Appalachian folk feel of “The Giantess,” the album thrums with subtle invention and quiet emotional intensity. It’s an outstanding debut, brimming with youthful urgency, honesty and romance. Like its bashful creators, I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose doesn’t feel the need to shout, scream or bluster to be heard. Instead, its chiming chords and sighed melodies blaze proudly like flushed cheeks on a cold day.

English indie rock collective Jonquil were formed in Oxford by (then) 20-year-old multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Hugo Manuel in an attempt to flesh out what was initially a bedroom recording project. The band, whose myriad influences include everyone from the Microphones to Joan Baez, blends the swirling cacophony of "freak folk" acts like Animal Collective and Skygreen Leopards with the indie pop sensibilities of Modest Mouse and Fleet Foxes. Jonquil released their debut, Sunny Casinos, in 2006, followed by Lions in 2008. ~ James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide

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