Diamond Head, Cauldron, Brohammer

Diamond Head

Simply put, Diamond Head is a legendary British band from the late 70's that has had a major influence on the world of metal music today. Not from their hits, or their mega selling releases, but from the influence that they have had on so many artists to follow.

The 4 biggest Metal acts of today, known collectively as the Big 4, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer, all site one of their biggest influences as Diamond Head. Metallica has backed up that statement by rerecording 4 Diamond Head songs, as several other artists have.

'Some of the greatest Heavy Metal songs of all time"
Lars Ulrich-Metallica

"When we made 'Kill Em All', it was just Diamond Head and Motorhead"
Lars Ulrich-Metallica

"Lightning to the Nations is one of THE classic pieces of vinyl as far as I'm concerned."
Lars Ulrich -Metallica

"We're a combination of the two heads, Diamond Head and Motorhead. The epic feel is definitely from Diamond Head, while the simplicity came from Motorhead."
James Hetfield – Metallica

"I'm influenced by the likes of Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page and Brian Tatler".
Dave Mustaine - Megadeth

"I place Diamond Head at the forefront of the best of the best"
Dave Mustaine


"like the very best NWOBHM songs ever" -Martin Popoff, BW&BK
"the clout of early Maiden with the snarl of early Metallica to neck-snapping perfection" -Alastair Riddell, KERRANG
"These guys sound like the best NWOBHM band you can think of with added muscle. The songs are packed with Priestly riffs and Maiden's pace with a Metallic weight" -METAL HAMMER
"Cauldron embodies everything that was great about the early 80's and add in the best bits of Megadeth" -KERRANG
"Worse than Bon Jovi" -BON GIOVI

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