Like the best artists, Mikal Cronin turns his inner turmoil into effervescent pop on MCII. "Shout It Out" splits the difference between the jingle-jangle guitars and pretty harmonies of The La’s and the caterwauling catharsis of Neutral Milk Hotel. "See It My Way" delivers Blur-like stomp, while "I'm Done Running From You" channels the roughshod uncertainty of Green Mind-era Dinosaur Jr.


"Audacity are a very rare band, and Mellow Cruisers is a second album that shows a band growing up whilst still retaining the things that made people fall in love with them in the first place. The angst-y vocals/lyrics, speedy guitar and drums, and melody-controlling bass are all the winning elements that Audacity pulls off, even in their young progression. Even if punk rock dies again (which would account for the umpteenth time anyways, right?), one thing that is for sure, is that Audacity are great musicians and have a serious knack for melody that stands above any dying genre. Through the friendship they've had with Burger Records, King Tuff, and tour-mates Natural Child, Audacity have developed through observation, an even more enamored-compass towards melody, and Mellow Cruisers perfectly showcases that. Mellow Cruisers is a successful power-punk record, that's well-produced, well-written, and undeniably catchy and fun." --Heave Media

Michael Stasis

"Michael Stasis, a Philadelphia native living in Oakland, recently released his first LP entitled Chainsaw. Stasis has been in the Bay Area for less than three years, but he’s well connected in the local scene. In addition to releasing several EPs of his own, he has collaborated with Jason Kick of Maus Haus on a project called Snowboarder. He even produces videos, including this great one for Battlehooch. Stasis’ solo work stands on its own just fine, however. The album is full of danceable, electro heavy tracks with a few live guitars and plenty of synth hooks." --Bay Bridged


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