Cloud Nothings

In 2009, Cleveland's Dylan Baldi began writing and recording lo-fi power-pop songs in his parents' basement, dubbing the project Cloud Nothings. His music quickly started making the Internet rounds, and fans and critics alike took note of his pithy songcraft, infectiously catchy melodies, and youthful enthusiasm. Baldi soon released a string of 7"s, a split cassette, and an EP before putting out Turning On—a compilation spanning about a year's worth of work—on Carpark in 2010. January 2011 saw the release Cloud Nothings' self-titled debut LP, which, put next to Turning On, found Baldi cleaning up his lo-fi aesthetic, pairing his tales of affinitive confusion with a more pristine aural clarity. In the interval since the release of Cloud Nothings, Baldi has toured widely and put a great deal of focus on his live show, a detail that heavily shapes the music of his follow-up album, Attack on Memory.
After playing the same sets nightly for months on end, Baldi saw the rigidity of his early work, and he wanted to create arrangements that would allow for more improvisation and variability when played on the road. To accomplish this desired malleability, the entire band decamped to Chicago—where the album was recorded with Steve Albini—and all lent a hand in the songwriting process. The product of these sessions is a record boasting features that, even at a glance, mark a sea change in the band's sound: higher fidelity, a track clocking in at almost nine minutes, an instrumental, and an overall more plaintive air. The songs move along fluidly, and Baldi sounds assured as he brings his vocals up in the mix, allowing himself to hold out long notes and put some grain into his voice. Minor key melodies abound, drums emphatically contribute much more than mere timekeeping, and the guitar work is much more adventurous than that of previous releases.
For all of early Cloud Nothings' fun and fervor, Baldi admits that it never sounded like most of the music he listens to. With Attack on Memory, he wanted to remedy this anomaly, and in setting out to do so, Baldi and co. have created an album that shows vast growth in a still very young band.

Back to basics. Take your time. Guitars and golden noise. Meet Bleached, two sisters from LA creating rough-hewed, high-collared, melodic Rock & Roll. Formerly part of Mika Miko, Jessica and Jennifer Clavin were best known for their freewheeling '77 punk and riot girl lawlessness. In Bleached, they share the same slant towards the hard-edged, but instead veer towards a more vintage ensemble of Ramones bubble-gum, Merle Haggard country, and 60s psychedelic rock.

Raised up deep in the San Fernando Valley, their suburban isolation nurtured the girl's creativity, as they started making their own music at a young age. Sneaking into punk shows over the hill in Hollywood, they grew up to become teenaged underground staples at the all-ages Downtown DIY venue, The Smell. Signed to Kill Rock Stars and Post Present Medium, their all-girl punk band Mika Miko drew international acclaim and won them slots on tours with No Age, Black Lips, and The Gossip.

Bleached originally formed when the Clavin sisters resolved to continue working with each other upon the break up of Mika Miko. Plans were postponed when Jennifer was asked to join NY band, Cold Cave, where she toured extensively and relocated east. With Jennifer away, Jessie began to play with the popular LA band, Cold Showers. Since moving back to her hometown, Bleached now serves as both girls' chief creative outlet. Earlier this year, they released their first 7" on Ooga Booga, a Los Angeles art, book and fashion boutique imprint.

On their new single "Think of You," Bleached's playful harmonizing masks the dark topics they sing about: the struggles experienced upon failed relationships and all the sad themes that Stevie Nicks once eloquently expressed. That's the goal, the sugary and sour repurposed by two aggressively harmonic musicians and songwriters.

The band's "Carter" 7" was released on July 19th on Art Fag Recordings. The girls have plans to release another 7" soon and are playing a number of shows in California. Known for their raucous irrepressibly fun live shows, Bleached will tour the West Coast in August with San Diego surf rockers, Heavy Hawaii.

Mac DeMarco

MAC DEMARCO, formerly Makeout Videotape, is the anti-thesis to your stereotypical singer-songwriter and one of Captured Tracks' most-highly touted new signings. Equal parts Ariel Pink and Berlin-era Bowie, DeMarco's a weird cat cultivating an affinity for occult imagery, nudity and social satire. Like the name-dropped gents above, Demarco's strength is his songwriting--hooks and jangles overladen with Oscar Wildean insights...which he likes to sum up as "jizz jazz". This marks Mac's first-ever LA appearance (like most of his CT labelmates), in celebration of his debut LP...

"Mac's guitar has a real '60s garage rock feel to it but he sings with a seductive baritone that recalls '80s new romanticism as much as it does a '50s rockabilly croon." - Brooklyn Vegan

White Lung

White Lung is a punk band. They have released four 7 inches, "Local Garbage" (Hockey Dad Records), "Magazines" (Deranged Records) , "Atlanta" (Deranged Records), "Clown Life" split 7" with Nu Sensae (Deranged/Nominal) and appeared on the Emergency Room compilation LP (Grotesque Modern/Nominal). Their first full length CD/LP "It's The Evil" came out on Deranged during the summer of 2010. Their second CD/LP "Sorry" is coming out on Deranged on May 29, 2012.


Audacity are a very rare band, and Mellow Cruisers is a second album that shows a band growing up whilst still retaining the things that made people fall in love with them in the first place. The angst-y vocals/lyrics, speedy guitar and drums, and melody-controlling bass are all the winning elements that Audacity pulls off, even in their young progression. Even if punk rock dies again (which would account for the umpteenth time anyways, right?), one thing that is for sure, is that Audacity are great musicians and have a serious knack for melody that stands above any dying genre. Through the friendship they've had with Burger Records, King Tuff, and tour-mates Natural Child, Audacity have developed through observation, an even more enamored-compass towards melody, and Mellow Cruisers perfectly showcases that. Mellow Cruisers is a successful power-punk record, that's well-produced, well-written, and undeniably catchy and fun. - Heave Media


Merchandise is the result of years and years of hallucinatory heat and musical quarantine in the skinhead mecca of Tampa, FL. A trio-gone-duo-gone-trio again, the band has been active since 2008, releasing numerous cassettes and CD-R's, along with two full-length LP's on Katorga Works. It's members (RCC, PDB, DMV) all have strong roots in the underground punk community, having released records and toured with much too many acts to be mentioned in this fragment of a bio.

2012's "Children of Desire" marks a turning point for the band. Their initial post-punk palette has begun to actively incorporate various influences from krautrock soundscapes to country ballads, from 1950's crooners to Madchester dopers. Sounds and ambitions have grown and multiplied. The platform continues to grow and the future remains uncertain, but Merchandise show no signs of slowing down. Expect more tours and records and movies and books and etc and and and…

The Coathangers

Tested troublemakers of lechery and sass from Atlanta. This all girl band exudes the politically motivated vulgarity and riot grrrl energy of prior decades, allowing them to fit perfectly in a genre with Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna and Bratmobile's Allison Wolfe. The band imitates the gritty, shrieking vocals of Mika Miko at times but is fluidly able to switch to cute, '50s-era pop in 'for their "quieter" songs. The Coathangers are barely comparable to any modern groups - they could have much more easily performed on stage with Delta 5, The Slits, and The Raincoats than today's underground artists, and it is easy to imagine their name and photograph plastered within the pages of 90's zines, exuding radical change and DIY cassette tapes.

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