Poland's Progressive Rock shooting stars RIVERSIDE have undergone a highly interesting and purposeful progression throughout their musical career so far and should now manage to reach a next splendid height in terms of dynamic songwriting with their newest, highly anticipated fifth studio album release "Shrine Of New Generation Slaves".
Commencing with densely atmospheric and partly dark Metal soundscapes on their early steps back in 2001, this quartet effortlessly struck a nerve with the changing prospects of the new Prog Metal generation that embraced acts like Tool, Porcupine Tree or Opeth for their instrumentally technical, yet deeply emotional and still always powerful, fresh take on the style. RIVERSIDE quickly morphed into one of the leading acts within the new European Prog Metal movement with the release of their "Reality Dream" trilogy, which encompasses the band's much acclaimed first three releases, "Out Of Myself" (2003), "Second Life Syndrome" (2005) and most remarkably "Rapid Eye Movement" (2007).
Having toured in support of scene-icons Dream Theater as well as playing several headlining runs all across Europe finally fully established RIVERSIDE both in the Metal and the Prog-Rock realms and their latest album release, "Anno Domini High Definition", entered the sales charts in Poland at # 1 (Gold album status by now!), Germany at # 94 and The Netherlands on # 58 upon its release in 2009 to solidify the band's ever-blooming momentum within their growing fanbase. In 2011, RIVERSIDE followed up by releasing a special EP entitled "Memories In My Head" in order to celebrate the band's 10th anniversary of existence and once again toured restlessly all across the world, with one of many highlights being their appearance on the main stage of Poland's gigantic Woodstock festival in July of 2011, a spectacular event attended by more than half a million (!) people.
Forwarding into the present, "Shrine Of New Generation Slaves" (or "SONGS" for easier referencing) was recorded, mixed and mastered through the months of March and June as well as September and October of 2012 at Serakos studio in Warsaw, Poland (where also the "Reality Dream" trilogy took shape) with Magda Srzednicka and Robert Srzednicki. "SONGS" offers more than 50 minutes of high-class RIVERSIDE music divided into 8 songs, which don't just clearly reflect a further developed, modern take on the band's charismatic trademark elements, but also effectively adds further vibes of the Classic Rock segment as well as jazzy art-rock bits to the ever-challenging mix that RIVERSIDE has always stood for, maybe just less standard metallic and also less complex, without meaning less progressive.
RIVERSIDE's Mariusz Duda comments on the "SONGS" effort as follows: "With this release we are trying to prove, mostly to ourselves, that we can still surprise with something, and what's most important - create an album that would become our showpiece, music-wise and lyrics-wise. We wanted to start a new, more mature chapter and focused again more on melody and organic rock groove than before. The title might sound a bit intricate, but the acronym will definitely explain what we did with our music this time."
Conceptually, it is an album as intense and introspective as ever before with RIVERSIDE, but there is also a strong and very obscure social component to things this time around, as Duda explains the record's theme and title: "It's based on the fact that we all hear almost everyday from friends and close people how unhappy they are, how they hate their jobs, how they don't have a time for this or that, how time flies and how they actually feel like slaves in their lives. I thought it was a good option to write about
that kind of unhappiness and this "new generation slavery", where people seem to be unable to take control over their own lives".
Don't miss out on following RIVERSIDE into this next chapter of their creative process and on making up your own mind about the intense listening experience that "SONGS" offers as of January 21st, 2013. A digital single for the track "Celebrity Touch" on December 17th, 2012 will precede the album's release and you can also already feel invited to look out for RIVERSIDE's "New Generation Tour" in Europe, as well as a North American run and another complimentary tour of other European territories from May onwards in order to support the release of the new album…

JOLLY is the summation of four minds set out to revolutionize the art of sound. Under the guise of rock music, JOLLY has devised a therapeutic auditory experience scientifically designed to bring the brain to a state of pure happiness. By combining sophisticated arrangements, ambient textures, aggressive dynamics, and infectious melodies with binaural brain wave technology, a new medium is born.

In July 2009, JOLLY's first trial, entitled Forty-Six Minutes, Twelve Seconds of Music (Galileo/ProgRock Records), received critical praise for its original sound, unique progressions, and finely crafted production. The cult popularity of this release led to a European tour with Polish progressive rock veterans Riverside, and a record deal with InsideOut Music/Century Media Records. Along with impressive musicianship and refreshing writing styles, JOLLY's first album contained a binaural brain wave phenomenon previously unheard of in rock music. Embedded throughout the album are binaural tones, which result from the combination of slightly offset frequencies played simultaneously, thereby altering the brain's natural frequency. Scientific research suggests that such tones can enrich feelings of relaxation, focus, creativity, and happiness when experienced in headphones.

In March 2011, JOLLY released The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 1), the first of a two-part series that is scientifically designed to bring a listener to a state of true happiness. The band collaborated with a professor and some graduate students at a nearby university, who conducted studies on over 5,000 subjects to perfect the usage of binaural tones to optimize the JOLLY listening experience.

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck JOLLY hard, destroying drummer/producer Louis Abramson's home, which also functioned as the band's practice space and recording studio. All of Louis' possessions and a lot of the band's equipment were ruined. The members of JOLLY were devastated, but they tried to remain positive. The timing couldn't have been worse; the band was in the midst of finalizing The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2), but had to break away from the album to throw out Louis' belongings and completely gut his home. In need of new equipment, JOLLY started a fundraising campaign, and their incredible fans came through in a big way to help the band rebuild after this major disaster.

Precisely 2 years after the release of part 1, The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2) is now here, set for release in March 2013. Beyond the music, it is a standing symbol of JOLLY's recovery from the storm. Those who were left hanging from Audio Guide 1 can finally complete their journey towards happiness. Don't be surprised if crime rates plunge in 2013.

The band comments:
"We couldn't be more excited to finally share The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2) with the world. After the devastation we experienced with Hurricane Sandy, we have been in a rebuilding phase, and the release of this album stands as a major milestone in our recovery. Musically, we set out to make Audio Guide 2 our richest sounding record, offering solid hooks, interesting arrangements, and sonic textures that cover a wide range of styles. We're extremely proud of what we created."

Even without considering the binaural brainwave technology embedded throughout, this album offers the listener an experience they have never felt before. JOLLY pushes the limits of "accessibility" in The Audio Guide to Happiness (Part 2) with its powerful riffs, infectious hooks, and undeniable grooves, all within the context of their signature JOLLY atmosphere. Your first listen will leave you thinking, and your second will leave you a fan for life. JOLLY loves you.

For fans of: Devin Townsend, Dream Theater, and Silverchair

$12 online / $15 at the door


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