Mutilation Rites, Inter Arma, Defcon, Beyond De-th

Mutilation Rites

Mutilation Rites is filthy black metal hailing from Brooklyn, conceived by Michael Dimmitt and Justin Ennis in January 2009. After various incarnations, they have amalgamated with George Paul and Ryan Jones. Influences include, but are not limited to; darkthrone, discharge, dissection and weakling.

Inter Arma

From Robotic Empire: Two groups of hellbent hessian heathens have joined forces for this mighty split EP. Richmond, Virginia is home to a lot of metal bands, but arguably two of the finest up-and-comers have paired up for this killer platter of 7" wax. BATTLEMASTER and INTER ARMA both debut on vinyl for the first time with this new offering; two choice cuts on side A and one lengthy bruiser on the flipside. Shredding guitar players, inhuman hummingbird drummers, scathing burning-witch vocalists...there's not much more you can ask for. First press, limited to 500 copies.


Not ones to let the younger experimental scene hog all the industrial-music influence, Chicago spooks Defcon bring it back to the earnest desperation that characterized the genre's '90s boom in popularity. Brooding metal riffs, blastbeats, and jittery electronics combine in what the band's bio claims is "a crushing ode to man's exhausted struggle to live in a world that's only visible purpose is to kill him." (In short, now the party can really start!) Defcon plays here behind its most recent fusion of dark danceability and black-metal suffering, the 2010 full-length Flat Black Philosophy.
- A.V. Club Chicago 01/03/2011

Beyond De-th

The brain child of Jon Corston, Beyond De-th has been a continued process of songwriting since 2007. After officially forming in mid winter of 2012-2013, Beyond De-th's first official release, a demo entitled "What Lies" soon followed.

With another 2 song release on the way and plans for an album, we are continuing to move forward and have no plans of stopping anytime soon.


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