Child Abuse, Radiation Blackbody, Oneirogen, Procatrosist

Child Abuse

"Child Abuse is logical result of an entire generation raised by Nintendo and overbearing, Tipper Gore-admiring moms. "Reading is for people who don't vomit, and Morbid Angel lives in my closet next to my porno!" the band seems to shout with its avalanche of Casio squeals, death-metal percussion, and forgot-to-take-my-Thorazine howls."- Flavorpill


Procatrosist has collectively been held responsible for the conjuring of such rituals as Krallice, Orthrelm, Humanity Falls, Salo, Death First, & The Flying Luttenbachers. This ritual is Infested Blood-influenced metal.

Mick Barr - guitar
Eston Browne - gutturals
Joe Merolla - bass
Weasel Walter - drums



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