"Day Joy is the creation of Peter Michael Perceval and Michael Serrin of Orlando FL. Their music began acoustically on the porch and recordings began with just the duo layering instrumentation together and and creating the lush and layered Dream Folk/Pop recordings you can hear now. Currently they have added 3 new members to the roster Travis Reed (Loud Valley whom also made an appearance with The War On Drugs at DeLuna Fest 2012), Artie Burer (Loud Valley) and Adam Ibrahim (Sterling Schroder and the Chosen Ones) in order to play the songs true to form live. At the tail end of 2011 they quietly released two singles "New Ordinary" and "Go To Sleep, Mess" on their bandcamp page. In a matter of weeks they had been heard by thousands across the web and were covered by a number of reputable blogs and magazines. Day Joy has also received a large amount of press coverage throughout Europe and the UK being featured on several radio shows as well as being featured on a TV and internet commercial for Danish company Trio Bikes . They are set to be doing their first East Coast tour in Augus and are currently putting finishing touches on their debut LP which will feature some previously heard recordings updated as well as 6 new songs. The LP is slated for an October release date on Small Plates Records leading up to the CMJ festival in NY."

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Onward, Soldiers

Onward, soldiers is a pestal and mortar blend of Laurel Canyon song craft, Athens Ga. pop, and North Carolina heart and soul; a true American sound.

Onward, Soldiers is new and ancient, hip and sweet, ethereal and raw. Comprised of musicians between the ages of 25 and 45, their range of experience represents a deep pool of musical influences. Their debut release titled "Ghosts In This Town" is a beautifully crafted specimen sure to captivate anyone who enjoys Indi rock or Americana music.

Wilmington, North Carolina, 2011 – Music is life and finding Onward, Soldiers' music just makes life sweeter. Listeners enjoy a brand of Folk/Indie/Americana that they can truly wrap their minds around. Onward, Soldiers has made it clear that their first release "Ghosts In This Town," is a mission statement; a shape of things to come.

Sean Thomas Gerard is the singer-songwriter of the band. His songs are ageless and heartbreakingly poetic. The band members Jarett Michael (bass, vocals), Lincoln Morris (electric guitar) and Kevin Rhodes (drums, keyboards, vocals), combine to give the words flight.

Soulfully crafted, "Ghosts In This Town" unleashes a positive vibe that gives the impression this band genuinely loves playing music together. A clear sound complete with acoustic and electric guitars, piano and organ, a steadfast rhythm section, and razor sharp vocals. The end result is an enigmatic and serene album with plenty of twists and turns for the ears as well as the mind. Vocal harmonies and catchy strumming patterns elevate listeners and provide a message of hope and a story of leaving problems behind.

"Some Army's songs are sprawling, spacious things that bear impressive emotional weight. With a tantalizing 10 minutes of music on its January 7-inch, Some Army anticipates releasing an LP this year or so. Let's hope it's soon." -- Corbie Hill, THE INDEPENDENT



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