Dark Disco :: Chinese New Year :: Built By MeanRed, Jacques Greene, Martyn, Morri$

Dark Disco :: Chinese New Year :: Built By MeanRed

Sometimes you want to be surrounded by the beautiful people, the dangerous people, the smartest people, the creative people. The people who sometimes, shine a little more in the depths of darkness.

Enter into a club where you can disappear and have the best night of your life. Where you can love and hate equally and then drink and dance it off. Welcome to Dark Disco.

We fly the DJ’s in JUST for this night, have artists create JUST for this night, invite you there to complete the circle of experience – to get a taste of this one, specially curated moment. Dark Disco combines it all.

With lineups that are surprising, insightful, and always on the absolute tip of the edge featuring DJ’s, Producers, and artists who are true creators and who’s only goal is to keep the dancefloor live. The environment is an ever changing inspiration of visual artists who’s installations fill the void of your mind with something new to deconstruct and experience.

Past Dark Disco’s have featured such great talent as: Flosstradamus, Boys Noize, Atrak, Diplo, Peaches, Mary Anne Hobbes, Nosaj Thing, the US return of MJ Cole and so many more.

Happening often enough you won’t feel deprived but you’ll keep wondering what’s next.

Dark Disco is the adventure of Jen Lyon and Katie Longmyer – two agitators and instigators who delight in creating and causing a stir and a discussion and who ultimately, just want to have a good time.

For this very special edition of Dark Disco, MeanRed brings you back to a venue that has been so memorable, y'all keep begging us to bring it back. We were the VERY FIRST IN NYC to convert the famous 88 Palace Dim Sum Restaurant into a unique nightclub sonic experience.

Well you asked and we listened. Welcome back to Dark Disco's new permanent home in the heart of Chinatown. We figured it was only fit to start the year right on Chinese New Year - The Year of the Black Water Snake.

In the theme of The Snake, we will subtly, organically but beautifully bring you a night you will never forget...and keep you coming back every month for more. To keep up with Dark Disco news, sign up for the Dark Disco list at: http://www.MeanRedProductions.com

Jacques Greene

In less than two years, this enigmatic young house producer from Montreal has given the current musical landscape progressively deeper ideas of what house music can mean in the new decade. With a slew of remixes and original releases that haven’t skipped a beat, the talented songwriter has already collaborated with Radiohead, Katy B, and Jimmy Edgar among others. As new artists compete with each other so brutally for attention these days. Jacques simply toured. Playing top European venues such as Fabric Live, Plastic People, Panoramabar and major festivals like Sonar, MUTEK, the Bloc Weekender and Bozar Electronic Weekender, he steadily conquered each crowd with his undeniably potent songs and infectious demeanor. With “Another Girl”, all the hype came to him. Tearing down the gate with two EPs on LuckyMe and Nightslugs, and nothing short of an anthem on the latter’s Allstar compilation, he grew as the best artists do. With quality releases and unforgettable live shows. As the initial disbelief at how young he was, his love of heart aching RnB, his mys- terious appearance, and what he uses to record begins to sink further and further back into the pages of Google, the initial hype will be followed by better and better music. Limited run white labels, a jaw-dropping analog live show, and the launch of his own imprint Vase- already heralded for its brilliant releases- have further established his vision. A new EP “Ready” for Martyn’s label 3024 and a North American tour run opening for The XX has kept his name and aura spreading. This plan was a long time coming.

Martijn Deykers, known professionally as Martyn, is a Dutch producer and DJ from Eindhoven. He started his career by DJing drum and bass in 1996 but began to include more of a dubstep influence after first hearing Kode9's "Sine of the Dub". He released his first 12" singles in 2005,incorporating elements of both techno and jungle. Deykers' first album, Great Lengths, was released in 2009. In 2010 he released Fabric 50, the 50th instalment of the Fabric Mix DJ series. Martyn's second studio album, Ghost People, was released in 2011.

Identity in music can be a tricky thing. Where some artists opt to build extensively rich and quixotic imagery around their craft, others dodge the concept of image entirely or alternatively hide behind a rigid veil of mystery. Regardless of what end of the spectrum a musician chooses to place himself in, it’s certain that the approaches that surround the music are superfluous if the music itself ultimately lacks substance and quality. MORRI$ is an artist who has paved a route for himself that significantly deviates from the norm and has allowed his talent speak for itself. Chances are that you’ve heard of MORRI$ and his sounds over the past year repeatedly, with a distinctly anchored sound to recognize as his own and a substantial amount of avid followers to his name. Upon further investigation, you’ll find that he’s peculiarly achieved this without a single individual release to his name, as the handful of tracks that he’s carefully and gradually granted us through the waves of his SoundCloud and the dispersed remixes that he’s put out quantitatively offer us a relatively limited amount of music, especially when comparing his output to those of a lot of his musical contemporaries. But numbers are hardly an issue when a producer has managed to find such a comfortable position for himself, where his musical substance does all the talking for him, rather than concocting arbitrary imagery or churning out release after release to stir up a buzz.

When he’s not busy sharpening his own production crafts, Kansas-native Phil Canty is probably making his moves as curator for Team Bear Club, a multi-faceted collective created by him and a group of friends to put forward music and events in the Lawrence, Kansas area. Even before his output as MORRI$, music has always played a prevalent role in Canty’s life. While he’s grown up witnessing a variety of musical environments and stimuli, his home base and present location Kansas provide him the type of panoramic surroundings that are most responsible for shaping his current musical character. This is something that can evidently be traced back in his sounds, with organic elements tying in perfectly with his firm hip-hop foundations to manifest an unequivocal sound that he and his Bear Club colleagues have self-branded as goombawave. It’s a sound that is universally apprehensible, so it’s no surprise that it’s made its way onto the Night Slugs roster, with the debut “White Hood” imminent on the UK label in the near future. MORRI$ signifies a type of artist that is most valuable and increasingly rare these days; a purely talented producer that makes music with longevity and, most importantly, sincerity.

$10.00 - $20.00


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