Trout Steak Revival

Trout Steak Revival-Bluegrass Inspired Mountain Music
“Trout Steak Revival is a fivesome articulating very solid bluegrass virtues in a way that subtly and not-so-subtly ushers modernity into elder ways.” -- Mark Tucker Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

From beginnings as an informal jamming unit during treks through the peaks of the Front Range, Trout Steak Revival has evolved into one of Colorado’s most tightly knit, hard-driving bluegrass bands. Their brand of heartfelt songwriting blends dynamic musicianship with intricately woven harmonies, all tied together with the unmistakable sound of their years of friendship. From sweat-soaked clubs to mountain festivals, the five-piece has shown a tenacity for quick-picking and all the right polish without sacrificing the raw feeling of well-executed bluegrass. The band has earned a place in the mountain states roots scene, performing to sold-out audiences, placing in the Rockygrass Band Competition, and even winning an Emmy Award for a soundtrack with Rocky Mountain PBS. Keeping an eye on traditions of the past but boldly forging into new territory, Trout Steak takes us back to memories of whiskey, laughter, and the misty high country where the band was born.

The Mile Markers

Deeply rooted in old time, folk and traditional American music, The Mile Markers are a
modern American roots band based in Denver, Colorado. The power of The Mile Markers
rests squarely on the riveting vocal interplay and lyrical craftsmanship of the groups
founding members Julie Stratton (guitar/vocals) and Bevin Foley (fiddle/vocals). Lee
Patterson of the Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society put it well when he said “This well-balanced
and powerful duo has a stylistic maturity and sophistication well beyond their ages. The
duet’s vocals are expressive, nuanced and so in-sync that it seemed I was hearing one mind,
singing through two voices. Acoustic beauty like theirs is a rare find.” The group is further
rounded out and supported by the rollicking and clever stylings of banjo player Sal Clark
and bassist Nicki Handy. From Moab, Utah to Chicago, Illinois to the pacific northwest, The
Mile Markers continue to build an ever growing base of fans and friends anywhere their
musical travels take them.
The Mile Markers play music for the new depression. With an uncanny ability to draw the
listener into a very intimate landscape the songs of The Mile Markers are at once strikingly
personal and shockingly universal. Theirs is the fresh melody leaping out of the old radio.
Theirs is a sweet dusty music that celebrates love and loss equally; rejoicing in both the joys
and sorrows of life. Live The Mile Markers create an atmosphere of camaraderie and
celebration - reminiscent of some spontaneous revival - that serves as a call to the weary, the
doubtful and the ghosts that the time has come to drink whiskey and to dance around the
floor and to be uplifted.
In 2010, The Mile Markers released their debut album entitled “Take to the Road”. This
release led to many notable performances including the 25th annual Bolder Boulder (CO)
and inclusion on the Bolder Boulder compilation CD released by 97.3 KBCO, The Moab
Folks Festival (UT), Moab Pumpkin Chuckin' Festival (UT), Green Beer and
Bluegrass Festival (Denver, CO), The Denver Oktoberfest (CO), WHYS Bluegrass Festival
(WI), national tours to the Northwest and Midwest. This year includes the Colorado
Environmental Film Festival, the 20th annual Microbrews for the Environment (Boulder,
CO) and the Summer Solstice Music Festival & Benefit (Golden, CO). The Mile Markers
have also played shows with bands including, but not limited to Elephant Revival, Trout
Steak Revival, Pert Near Sandstone and The Hen House Prowlers.
“The Mile Markers CD gives a new twist on Old-Timey music. It’s hillbilly music
with songs that draw you into a very personal landscape, plus a punk
attitude. Home made in the best sense of the word. Like home-made pizza.” -
David Glasser, Grammy Award Winner, about the album Take to the Road
Booking Contact:
Danette Dacey Bohl
Cell: 970-261-8402
Office: 303-384-1139

Chain Station

Chain Station is a 4-piece, high-energy, get ‘em out on the dance floor stringband from Denver. Originally from the Midwest, they’ve quickly amassed a rabid fan-base in the Colorado Mountains and Front Range, hungry for the catchy and lyrically-poignant original material pouring forth from this prolific group of capable musicians.
Their live shows have become that of legend, with energy and stage antics that guarantee one hell of a night out. Equally comfortable rocking a packed club, playing backyard BBQ’s, or providing tasteful mountain music for your wedding, this band does it all…with style.



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