Har-di-Har is an Iowa-based multi-instrumental glass-pop, synth-folk, husband/wife duo performing with the instrumentation of a four-piece band. With one playing keys and the hands of the drumset and the other playing guitar and the feet of the drumset, the duo truly represents human collaboration at its physical finest. The experience is a voice-melding sonic assault of the senses without the use of samples or loops.

Midwesterners each, the Iowa natives are poised at a crossroads of American sound, geographically and historically. The deft pair is at equal ease and inspired by the music of: Mates of State, Stereolab, The Microphones, Dirty Projectors, Phillip Glass, and St. Vincent. Their love of dance music combines to create a sum that has been called "D&V"--as the sound is largely driven by drums and vocal harmonies.

They have spent the past months nearly constantly on the road and intend to do so until the very end.


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