Stop Motion Poetry

Stop Motion Poetry plays catchy, romantic indie tinged pop songs in the vein of Snow Patrol or a more optimistic Death Cab For Cutie. The Beggs brothers Clark (lead vocals, piano), Devin (bass, vocals) and Spencer (drums, vocals) sing lush three part harmonies while guitarist Jian Salcedo weaves textures and melodies.

Formed from the childhood friendship of two boys, Brolly is a collective soul who recently released their debut EP titled Hollow Home Rd. Although Hollow Home Rd was birthed from simple beginnings, it evokes a deep emotional connection from its audience and keeps the listener's heart deeply attached to the raw, lyrical imagination of front man, Jake Ithurburn. Using both moments of "in your face" ambiance and heart stirring melodies, Hollow Home Rd combines music with the eclectic emotions of the human soul. This emotion is what brought Brolly's debut EP to the front page of Noisetrade's "Most Downloaded" within a few days of its release. As the band moves forward, their goal is to keep creating music that promotes a deeper connection with its audience, thus making lifelong fans.

So Long Williamsburg

Jeffrey Conway

Guitar player, song-writer and vocalist. 1/4th of the Fresno rock band, mongrel city. Writes songs about personal experiences and existential evaluation.



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