Yakibato Get Down Party

Yakibato Get Down Party

It is the intention to get booties movin’ and people groovin’.

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Frank Bang & The Secret Stash


The self proclaimed "Experimental Funk" band Dr. Slothclaw is a full frontal assault on the senses. Their live performances are packed full of energy, improv, and a constant groove that brings listeners to their feet, and leaves them begging for more. From their funky, psychedelic jams, to their Frank Zappa inspired songs, Dr. Slothclaw has been gaining attention from fans and promoters alike in the Tri-state Area of Southern Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia. In February 2012, Dr. Slothclaw won the Tri-State Indie Jam Band of the Year Award. Enormous bass riffs, shrieking guitars, and non-stop drums mingle with humorous lyrics and high energy performances, making a night with Dr. Slothclaw a night to remember. Check out their debut album "What's the Buzzing Noise?" released on May, 5 2012.



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