No Anger Control, Samuel L. Jackson, Smelly Felly, Aloha Broha, The Letdowns

No Anger Control

When anger emanates from every pore in your body, and you bleed rage from the darkest crevices of your just might need; NO ANGER CONTROL! Since 2012 we have been replacing anger management meetings with a face full of punk to calm your inner demons. Rage on!

Samuel L. Jackson

Members of Nemesis & The Fourth Eye.

Smelly Felly

Lullabies for delinquents.

Aloha Broha

Aloha Broha is a punk band that leans to the pop-punk side of things.

The Letdowns

Representing the DSC in Wilkes County, The Letdowns started in 2007 as a simple punk outfit sporting just a bassist, a drummer, and a vocalist. After a few years and many beers, we are now a five piece ready to get rowdy and become boisterous.

$5.00 - $7.00


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