Exhumed Films presents ZOMBIES!

Exhumed Films presents ZOMBIES!

Formed in 1997, Exhumed Films was created to provide a theatrical venue for a much beloved art form that had all but disappeared in teh 1990s and is in further decline in the early 21st century: the cult horror movie.

dir. Robert Scott, 1987, 35mm

When there is no more room on UHF, the Dead will climb through your TV and walk the earth. After moving into an abandoned old house, a family must race against the clock to stop the undead when they find the house possesses a “haunted” TV set whose only channel is set to unleash zombies. Once assumed to be strictly a “direct to video” release, Exhumed has recently uncovered an actual film print! Join us for a rare 35mm screening of this cult favorite!


dir. Mark Goldblatt, 1988, 35mm

The unlikely duo of Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams team up in this buddy cop film with a zombie twist! A mad scientist has discovered a way to not only bring back the dead, but to use them for his criminal bidding. After Treat Williams stumbles upon his secret, he meets his demise, only to be resurrected himself as a zombie cop! Also features cult film favorites Vincent Price (in one of his final roles), Darren McGavin, Robert Picardo, Keye Luke, and Professor Toru Tanaka!

$12.00 - $15.00


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