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Martin Buttrich is famously as fluent behind a mixing console as in front of a virtual drum kit. That technical prowess, combined with a fascination for music of every shape, has resulted in outstanding releases on influential labels such as Planet E, Four:Twenty, Cocoon, Poker Flat, Nervous and Desolat. He’s also put his sonic thumbprint on many big ticket artists, notably receiving a Grammy nomination for a Tori Amos remix in 2003. Such diverse musical horizons are rare. While other prolific artists may have slowly watered down their music, Buttrich’s star has risen in diametric opposition. His vision has become more and more condensed, more and more crystallised. Flipping and puncturing grooves in a live setting is a snap for him, and he’s entranced audiences at festivals like Time Warp and Creamfields, at temples of boom such as Fabric (London), Womb (Tokyo), Cocoon (Frankfurt), Panorama Bar (Berlin) and Amnesia (Ibiza) and at worldwide Desolat Experience parties with Loco Dice.

When people say “Buttrich’s music sounds amazing”, they’re not just talking about the catchiness of his compositions or the way he manipulates beats into unique tapestries. His skills with a sonic scalpel – that esoteric ability to navigate the spectrum of audible (and inaudible) frequencies – have given him cachet among sound engineers. An incredible work ethic combined with a flexible, curious, and humorous approach have made him truly great at what he does.

Buttrich’s journey into electronic music began in clubs in Berlin and Hannover at the dawn of the ‘90s, when post-Summer of Love-Europe began to swing to its own hypnotic, machine-like groove. At 18 years old he began experimenting with production as X-Rotation (with Daniel Bross), which led to the projects Rhythm Assault, Sounds of Life and Phunk Diggazs (with engineer Andy Bolleshon).
Buttrich began a notorious collaboration with his then co-worker at Peppermint Jam distribution, Timo Maas, in the mid-‘90s (they worked the telephones together). After setting up his first studio in the basement of the Peppermint Park studio building, the partnership led to over 100 co-productions and remixes that included Madonna, Muse, Fatboy Slim. Josh Wink and Green Velvet. Buttrich has produced funk legend Bootsy Collins, while switching the patterns for artists including Tom Jones, Kelis, Moloko, Depeche Mode, Placebo, Yello, War and Roger Sanchez. His Azzido Da Bass “Dooms Night” remix with Timo Maas hit the UK top ten charts.

All the while he created an impressive library of beats and collected an arsenal of music production equipment for his studio in Timetools, a studio complex founded in 1997 in Hannover with a group of musicians. Buttrich is happy with the subtle crunch of an SP-12 sampler and the ‘smoky’ vibe of his analog mixing desk – adding a bass guitar or other instrument when necessary. But he’s not above having fun with a laptop either: approaching music programs as if they were video games. He doesn’t rely on any one machine or music composition technique, and his array of outboard gear is mouth-wateringly state of the art.
But he never loses touch with the gritty, human side of music, and the environments that it is played in.

Another key musical partnership, with Loco Dice, begun in 2002, undoubtedly inspired Buttrich to delve deeper into the musical histories that first lured him towards after-dark melodies. In a short space of time they’d built up a deep discography creating an era-defining sound in the process. They spent more than half a year living in New York in 2006/2007, with half of Buttrich’s studio set up in a rickety hideaway in Brooklyn that looked out over Manhattan’s vistas. Between late night production sessions and snowstorms, their Desolat label came to life.
Having his debut solo album Crash Test released on Desolat in early 2010, Martin Buttrich is taking his vision to the road, fusing wild imagination with solid musical architecture, cherry-picked inspiration with true perfection of his musical craft.
Since then constantly on tour, in 2011 Martin Buttrich still has dropped a remarkable collection of music - productions like “Fire Files” EP on Desolat or remixes for Marco Carola and Lee Curtis amongst others.
Currently based in LA , Martin Buttrich is working on his second artist album and a jazz project called The Stoned Autopilot.
Stay tuned.

Rooz head honcho at DEEP BLUE

Deep Blue is all about great underground electronica music spun by professional DJs and producers who specialize in moving dance floors. We created Deep Blue events to share the music we love spun by the DJs that we love from around the world. Deep Blue events are held in a comfortable and chill atmosphere where music fans can focus on the music. It sounds simple, but not everyone can do right. We don't book great producers that only have 1-3 hits and the rest of their set can't get people to dance. Its all about keeping the groove and the energy to keep the dance floor moving till the venue closes.

Expect a night of creative and forward thinking house and techno with DJs that we love. Expect a lot of hands in the air moments with a lot of energy on the dance floor.

Deep Blue locations and venues are dark spaces that are a cross between a warehouse and a large loft, the local DJ line-up is a collection of late-night pioneers that have each affected the SF after-hours scene in their own way, and the energy on the dance floor is unforgettable... you will get sucked right into the DEEP BLUE.


San Francisco based DJ and producer. Co-founder of DeepBlue Underground Events and one of the organizers of the DiscoKnights Burning Man Camp and party. Known for regularly DJn underground parties and club events in San Francisco the last 11 years.

Co-founded DeepBlue Events, along with partner, Rooz. Deep Blue, originally the underground warehouse party at a bodyshop / indoor junkyard 7 years ago, today has become one of the main parties in SF to host top techno producers like Sasha, Lee Burridge, Art Department, Dubfire, Marco Carola, Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, etc..

Also one of the main organizers / producers of the DISCO KNIGHTS party and camp at Burning Man, which hosts one of the best sunrise parties at the festival with DJs like Jaimie Jones, Seth Troxler, Guy Gerber, Art Department, and Wolfe&Lamb.


Mossmoss (aka Mattie Bowen) is a Scottish born dj and producer with an intense interest in exploring deep dance music, a keen ear and eye for detail, and a fiery passion for all things psychedelic. An artist by nature, his wandering sets paint landscapes of light and dark patterns, textures, and strange melody. Matties inspiration draws from the organic details of existence, the tiny pieces most overlook in exchange for the big-picture rush of an ever changing modern world. His mind deeply set to explore these facets and to share his exploration in all forms to those that might look and listen. Mossmoss currently resides San Francisco and draws on The City and its colorful nightlife for constant immersive inspiration.

2012 was a busy year for Mossmoss, alongside As You Like It residents Rich Korach, Christina Chatfield and Brian Bejarano they have helped spur a dance music renaissance in San Francisco's Bay Area. Playing many clubs and underground parties in support of Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Nicholas Jaar, Maya Jane Coles, Ben UFO, Scuba, Function, Silent Servant, Rrose, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Kassem Mosse, Matthew Dear, Drumcell, Daniel Bell, Ryan Crosson and many many other talented artists.

2013 and beyond promises to be an exciting time in the development of one of San Franciscos most eager players.

$10.00 - $15.00


Deep Blue is all about underground, forward thinking, house and techno with DJs/Producers that specialize in moving dance floors and do it well. In 2012, there have been 6 sold out Deep Blue shows Monarch; Carl Craig (PlanetE), Basti (Tiefschwarz), Stacey Pullen (BlackFlag), GUTI Live (Desolat), Damian Lazarus (Crosstown rebels), and tINI (Desolat). This month's event is a special one! Its Rooz's Bday party and we are inviting one of our friends and favorites, Martin Buttrich to do a special live set. Its going to be super dark and trippy, Deep Blue style. Why are we so pumped up about Martin Buttrich? Its a rare chance to see Martin play LIVE up close and personal in the dark, underground and intimate setting of Monarch on the crisp Void sound system. You usually have to catch Martin behind a 30 foot stage at a festival somewhere in Europe.

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