The Business People, Daryl Shawn, Morrowville

The Business People

We were born from the Goddess of the heavens, quadruplets. As we grew, our mother knew all too well that our gift should be used for more than our own amusement. With that, we were cast into the Piedmont of North Carolina to once again find each other; to create the music we were destined to share with the world.

Daryl Shawn

Daryl Shawn plays the hell out of a classical guitar, blending influences from around the globe with the guts of rock. Without the assistance of backing tracks, effects pedals or alternate tunings, he has developed an idiosyncratic array of guitar techniques that can produce the attack of a full band, simulate an African thumb piano, or lull one into reflection with the most tender of lullabies.


Morrowville is a four piece Indie Rock Band from Gastonia, NC who has been recording music since 2009. It's members include guitarist Zach Evington, jazz bassist Jason Eckard, percussionist Gavin Glover and woodwinds/violin/synth player Austin Glover. It's members are influenced by bands such as Cursive, The Mars Volta, Interpol and Circa Survive.
The band released it's 4th LP "Offices" this August. The album tells the story of a romance between two employees set against the backdrop of the downfall of a major corporation and about the boredom of modern employment.

$5.00 - $7.00


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