Henry's Rifle, Linear North, The Dunder Chiefs, Lauren Zuniga

Henry's Rifle

Henry's Rifle - an overflowing well of woes and warning as told by John Alfred.

Linear North

Linear North play an amalgamation of space rock and classic indie built on a foundation of bass and drum driven grooves. They have developed a mesmeric and haunting sound on record which is transferred into pure rock adrenalin live. They are a band to be seen whose music will leave the listener awe struck at its beauty and power in equal measure.

The Dunder Chiefs

For their first EP "Galaxy Bound" The Dunder Chiefs recorded in Charleston with producer Steven Walker back in June of 2012. For their first show in their hometown of Rock Hill they started a small following of devoted followers that quickly spreading the word about their talent and live showmanship. The Dunder Chiefs were created after the the lead singer (Will Thompson) and the bassist ("Nog" Michael Linog) ended their last band Polar War. When "Nog's" brother moved to town and started singing with them Will picked up the acoustic guitar and "Nog" started playing the banjo and the Dunder Chiefs were created. They occasionally play full band with bass player Kerry Walters, mandolin player Chase Kilough, drummer Martin Patrick and Patrick Shaw on guitar

Hometown: Rock Hill, SC
Genres: Folk / rock / bluegrass
Members: Will Thompson: guitar/ vox, Michael "Nog" Linog: banjo/ vox, Tony Linog: percussion/ vox

Lauren Zuniga

Lauren Zuniga is an internationally touring poet and teaching artist. A three time national slam finalist and passionate activist, MoveOn. Org called her work, “the most riveting message.” Daily Kos called her “a voice that can change the game.” Born and raised in Oklahoma, she is the voice of Oklahoma City Community College's Now is Power campaign featured on television and radio. In 2012, she served as the Activist-In-Residence for the University of Oklahoma and was voted Best Local Author by the Oklahoma Gazette. She is the author of two poetry collections, The Nickel Tour (Penmanship Books, 2009) and The Smell of Good Mud (Write Bloody Publishing, 2012). Pank Magazine said, “If imagery and language are the sea on which Zuniga’s poems sail, then her ability to reach the shared human experience is the boat in which she rides.” She lives with her two kids in an artist collective named Clementine and likes to make art with old magazines and glue.

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