Tides of War, Athena's Grace, Friends of Fiends, Pale Fire, Gaffer Project

Tides of War

Detroit Hardcore / Beatdown, formed in July 2010. Tides Of War has been touring and promoting all across the U.S. With a self titled EP on the way they have no plans on stopping, with tour plans going all the way into 2013, they will be in a town near you very soon!
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Athena's Grace

Guitar: Carl Kirby
Guitar: Jimmy Ash
Drums: Matt Grant
Bass: Kyle Ziulkowski
Vocals: Nick Dumitrescu

Friends of Fiends

In an increasingly stark music scene in a small town in Southwestern Virginia, things take a turn for the better as a bedraggled Friends Of Fiends crawls from the mountains. With a sound best described as rowdy and unkempt, an aroma as intense as their live performances, and enough facial and body hair to make even the most seasoned woodsmen glare, Friends Of Fiends is stirring. With sweat being the single largest contributor, the soon to be released "We're All" EP is only the thunder high in the hills, indicative of the obstreperous storm to come.

Pale Fire

NC Post-Hardcore Rock & Roll

Gaffer Project

A lyrically based music project; by Jordan Gaffer, Eli Gaffer and Doyle Gaffer, based out of Roanoke VA.
Gaffer Project got it's start in August of 2011 by three brothers.
A Gaffer is an old English term for a lamp lighter.
Ben R. Williams of Studio Roanoke:
"Gaffer Project is one part musical and lyrical inventiveness, one part deranged street preacher, one part beard, and a sight to behold.

$5.00 - $7.00


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