MeteorEYES, ROBES, Tiny City


MeteorEYES is an explosion of sounds in a room.
Indie/synth/electro-pop rock quintet! Dance filled beats outlined with catchy vocal melodies phrasing around love and adventure on an epic level. Guitar tones painting portraits with your ears and electronic bass filled keys leaning forward in momentum to keep the room moving. Formed in 2008 has done four national tours around the US.
WE ♥ dance parties!

"Ah Robes, where to begin?
They come from the musical greenhouse of Chapel Hill, NC.
But they don't sound much like Superchunk or Polvo or Archers of Loaf.
They recorded these songs with Brian Paulson.
But they don't sound like Slint or Beck or Uncle Tupelo.
OK, I was lying before. They actually come from Carrboro, NC.
Which is a couple of miles up the road from Chapel Hill.
Maybe their sound should be considered Chapel Hill adjacent as well.
A little cleaner and more linear, a lot more synths, with the poppy chorus turned up louder.
They've been in various bands over the last decade or so
with lots of funny names: Joby's Opinon, Jacuzzi Brothers, Smooth Hedges, The Soft Drink.
I think Smooth Hedges might be best of that lot, namewise.
Although, soundwise, Robes sounds most like the enigmatic The Soft Drink: the best band from the area to never officially release anything and played a total of 2 live shows.
So, yeah, touchpoints for the sound?
Well there’s New Order in there for sure. Early Human League? OK.
Hot Chippish? I won't argue.
Whatever the influence or style, what you have here is the first chapter of something great.
Something we are all lucky to finally have in our hands."

Stuart Nichols
Los Angeles, CA

Tiny City

Tiny City makes rock and roll. They released their self-titled debut album in 2010, and a collection of demos called "Don't Stop" in 2011.

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