The Cryptkeeper Five

The Cryptkeeper Five

playing music, losing sleep, fireworks, drinking too much, bunking with def lepard singin' strangers, abductions by satanists, snakes, cockroaches, tony danzas phone number, blood stained mattresses, goblyns, toll both escapades, crazy euro anti-religion dance parties, losing drunkin members after hours, light saber theives, balls - lots of balls, short shorts big boots, and a bunch of insanity we should try to forget

Molly Rhythm

This Philadelphia/Trenton based act is a multi-chick fronted eclectic, eccentric, theatrical, kicking and screaming, face melting music machine. The members have been working together in different combinations creating music in one form or another for quite sometime, spanning genres such as creepy alt rock, blues, reggae, classical, punk, classic rock, hip-hop, and metal. A diverse appreciation for music, coupled with such varied influences, commands a truly unique sound. With distinct harmonies and an insatiable drive to perform and create, you’ll not be left wanting for better entertainment or artistic stimulation.

Honah Lee

Hailing from Trenton, NJ, Honah Lee was formed in 2008 by a group of hardworking and harder-partying musicians native to the area. Specializing in an infectious brand of powerpop-punk akin to an early 90’s Lookout Records sound soaked in the boozey haze of the Replacements, Honah Lee’s live performances are an intoxicating (in more ways than one) celebration of music and mayhem. Constantly on the road, the four boys of Honah Lee – singer/guitarist Tim, bassist Jim, lead guitarist Dim, and drummer Tony G – have also issued a steady stream of recordings, including the GTG-released Life Won’t Let Me in June 2011.

Honah Lee has toured nationally, sharing a stage with the Foxboro Hot Tubs (a side project of Green Day), The Queers, Jello Biafra, Local H, Mystic Knights of the Cobra, and Eddie Spaghetti of the Supersuckers, just to name a few. They have received airplay on both commercial, college, and internet radio and have been featured on numerous compilations. Honah Lee plans to hit the road hard and truly appreciates any support they can get.



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