Andy The Doorbum, Spoken Nerd, The ThoughtCriminals

Andy The Doorbum

Andy the Doorbum's been writing and playing music since he was 14, and would you believe it? He's still doin it! He's released 5 splits, 3 EPs, and just released his 4th full length as a Double Vinyl LP! He intends to survive.

Spoken Nerd

SPOKEN NERD is a collideascope of music, truth, story and thought provoking entertainment. Whether you catch him as a soloist rapping and singing his heart out over sample based beats, or he’s rocking an acoustic guitar for a Jim Henson style sing a long, you are always in for a treat. SPOKEN NERD consists of one full time member (Nathan Conrad) but collaborates with an assortment of artists and producers such as 247, RICK SAXBY, 2 SHON, LISTENER, DJ ORIG, QUIET ENTERTAINER and many more. With album titles like THE LION, THE FISH AND THE MOUSTACHE, 24 CARROT DREAMS and APOCOLYPSE AWARENESS DAY, one can only assume an appetite for fun.

“Spoken Nerd’s latest, 24 Carrot Dreams, self-produced and recorded with live instrumentation, is equal parts Dr. Octagon and Larry Norman—an ambitious genre-bending record that has spirituality at its center but isn’t about to drink Michael W. Smith’s Kool-Aid. “- Sean Maloney from The Nashville Scene

The ThoughtCriminals

it's like these rappers, mikal kHill and sulfur, and one of them plays a nintendo and the other plays turntables.

$5.00 - $7.00


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